Friday, January 30, 2009

Homecoming - Round #5

In January of 2003, we had our first experience with one of our kids being in Homecoming at our wonderful school. Each winter, they pick a Kindergarten boy and girl as the elementary attendants for basketball's homecoming. Son (#1) was homeschooled in Kindergarten, so when Daughter (#2) was in Kindergarten, she was our first to be asked. I called a sweet friend who had older girls, borrowed a dress from them, curled her hair, and off we went.

It was fun!

Two years later, Son (#3) was asked.
Two years after that, Son (#4).
Then Daughter (#5).
And this year, our sixth little one, Daughter (#6) was asked.

However, we have a Jr. High student this year, Son (#1), and he was nominated by his class and teachers to be the 7th grade attendant.

So for the first time, we had TWO in Homecoming!

And again - FUN!

We have been so blessed with family and friends who help out a LOT! My sweet sister-in-law loaned us the dress for Daughter (#6) and the coat, shirt and pants for Son (#1).

It was a great evening. My sweet little girl surprised us all. She's been more of a momma's girl than any of our kids. Often timid - most often stubborn! I never would have imagined in a million years that she would do what she did tonight. Amazing. Without a flinch. We've seen SUCH growth in her this year. After the first ROUGH weeks of Kindergarten, she's really matured. I'm so proud of her.

Here is the evening in pictures!

First the hair:

I thought I'd try to replicate this hair do.

It was ambitious of me - not being a hair dresser and all.

And yet - it turned out lovely!

Here she is, ready to go!

Waiting. . . waiting. With her fellow Kindergartner and her handsome big brother.

It was DARK in the gym - the pictures aren't great. But they both did wonderfully! And more pictures after.

The homecoming court (or most of it).

Daughter and her friend.

Son and his fellow 7th grade attendant.

With their cousin who was the 8th grade girl.

Brother and sister.

And before bedtime - my sweet girl and I. So much fun!


Laura said...

What great pics! I can't believe how big your kiddos are. I miss you sweet friend. These made me miss you really bad! Isn't it funny how some things trigger it? Love you.

Corrie said...

Aww. She's beautiful. Makes me want to cry. (That's another thing - lots of strange moods swings happening. :) And he's so grown up and handsome and tall!

I was thinking about the day we met you a few days ago. I can picture each of the 4 kids from that day. So adorable. And so many memories from nearly nine years!sniff, sniff.;)

Miss you!

Lori said...

I. AM. SO. IMPRESSED! What beautiful hair! She looks beautiful! And your boy is so grown up and handsome! Thanks for posting the pics!

Zimms Zoo said...

She is so cute! Love the hair and the dress! #1 son looks very nice also!

We heard some about the homecoming from our friends daughter. They she made homecoming queen.

It all looks like so much fun! I am glad the weather cooperated and you guys got enjoy all the fun!

mom2camo said...

She is so beautiful...and might I say that you are looking quite lean?? That treadmill must be working for you!! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! What a great looking bunch you have. Thanks for posting the pictures- they are precious! What a neat experience for you all!

Hilary said...

What sweet pictures! You did great with the hair :-) I may have to take some tips from you. I'm not good with little girls' hair!!

Heidi said...

Great job on the hair. I better watch out you might try to take over my job! hahaha

Jen S said...

She's so adorable, Karen! How fun for her and for YOU!! :-)

Jo said...

So so precious. What a special memory! Weddings will be a cinch for you huh?