Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leisure Time - NOT!

Strangely enough, I did a lot of reading over the Christmas break. Seems odd, even as I type it.

That with ALL eight kids (and the Coach) home for over two weeks, I read MORE than I usually do when I only have two little ones here?

The reason I read more is that we slept in almost every day. Odd, again, I know. But normally, the Coach and I get up before dawn. Yawwwwn.

However, this Christmas Break (one of the first years in the history of the Troops) we didn't have a little baby. In fact, Little Man will sleep in quite respectfully if the older kids don't get up and get ready for school.

So the Coach and I? We slept in, too.

It was lovely.

I somehow feel like I'm making a short story long. (I hear you! That's what I DO, isn't it?)

Anyway, my treadmill time (because of the sleeping in) was AFTER sunrise instead of before. Our treadmill is in our sunroom - where it's pretty dark before daylight - and honestly before dawn I can't think straight enough for reading, anyway. But at 8, 9 o'clock? I'm ready for it. And it was nice and bright out there. So my later walks caused me to put down the MP3 player and set my current book on the book holder.

Here's what I read:

(finished) Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
GREAT book that I stole (borrowed) from my 13 year old son. Really enjoyed it! Doing Hard Things is a good practice for non-teens, too. I was really challenged by that.

More than a Hobby by David Green (founder of Hobby Lobby)
I had the privilege of being in the Green's home last Fall and all of us were given a copy of this book. It was fun to read about the beginnings of Hobby Lobby and the principles that it is founded on. My family is part of a "secular" business that is run on Biblical principles, as well, and I certainly saw similarities.

Get out of that Pit by Beth Moore
The Coach gave me this for Christmas (knowing I'd enjoyed the Beth Moore studies that I've done in the past) and although I don't feel as if I'm currently in a pit, I've certainly been there. Many times. After our fourth child in four years. After my miscarriage. After Little Man's birth - there have certainly been some pits. This book was encouraging and hopeful.

Under the Overpass by Mike Yankowski
This book was probably the most interesting that I read. My dad gave this to us for Christmas this year, after hearing this guy speak at a City Rescue Mission dinner. Wow. The author and a friend chose to live on the streets for four months. Homeless. His experiences are amazing. It really made me think about what it means to live out our faith as Christians.

Worldliness by various authors, edited by CJ Mahaney
I came across this book after reading Humility, also by CJ Mahaney (which is an excellent book, I might add!). This book was so helpful to me in understanding how to be in the world, yet not of it. Some of the chapters that really impacted me were on modesty, media and how we SHOULD love the world.

Hungry Girl by Lisa Lillien
This was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and fellow dieter. It's FUN to read, has simple, healthy recipes and also tips on making wise choices while dining in and out. It also helped me find her e-mail tips, which you can subscribe to at Enjoy!

and I just started Multiple Blessings by Jon & Kate Gosselin
Who ISN'T intrigued by this amazing family? I have eight kids. But I had them in 11 years, not THREE! Wow. I'm already loving how down to earth they are and their trust in God. Anyone who has lived through this has my utmost respect.

So that is some of what I did over Christmas Break. (Besides the stomach virus. Which this post is NOT about. Not. Not about.) What about you?


Jo said...

Wow I'm so impressed. I did not do any reading over the holidays. But I have just finished up some books and am ready for something new. You've motivated me to get going again. I've been thinking about the Overpass book as well after hearing that guy on the radio. Also, after reading Humility, anything by CJ sounds good. I think I'll try it.

Christmas day I did not get out of my pjs. My mom and dad came over, brought all their yummy leftovers from Christmas eve and we girls spent the day learning to knit and watching old Christmas movies. Bliss.

Lori said...

Thanks for the book list! I'm always looking for more good books to read. I'm going to order 2 of those today! :)

Anonymous said...

My, what a list of books! I will have to check them out and pick a few- thanks for the list! I have just finished "Raising Maidens of Virtue" by Stacy McDonald. I especially thought we could work on chapter 10- Taming the Tainted Tongue. I was thrilled to stay home and not have to travel, pack, unpack... it was fun having hubby home, no school, time to waste... it is a bit hard getting back to the regular schedule. Glad to hear that the dreaded disease has gone!

Cindy said...

Wow, you read all of those and stil had time to play with your kids? LOL! I'm so impressed!

I love Beth Moore's studies too. She has such amazing insight! I haven't read her books yet though, but I have one of them. I should get it out! :)

Myles still works at Hobby Lobby. He has never been to the Green's house, but he has read the book and loved it.

Jen S said...

I love to read, too. Thanks for the list. I would like to read Under the Overpass. Sounds great. I didn't get a lot of reading done over the break. : (