Monday, January 26, 2009

Status Update

Facebook is way fun.

It's almost like when you drive around at night in the Winter time and you an see in the windows of the houses. I love that.

Little glimpses into the lives of friends and family.

But I'm afraid it's been easier to keep up with Facebook, lately, than to actually WRITE something CREATIVE on the ole blog. Which I miss. Really, I do.

So for today, I'm pretending that this IS Facebook. Here would be some status updates:

Mrs. Troop. . .

. . . is grateful for clean bathrooms

. . . is happy that the laundry is done and folded and almost put away. Almost.

. . . is relieved that the Jr. High basketball games for tonight are canceled due to the falling sleet.

. . . is hoping I can still have my Premier Jewelry party tomorrow night, but it's not looking likely.

. . . only had 5 people coming to the party, so it will be easy to let them know if I cancel it!

. . . is going to really enjoy a surprise "free" evening at home with the kids in the warm house with the fireplace and hot cocoa.

. . . can't seem to finish one thing before I get sidetracked. Where did I put the shower curtain when I got it out of the dryer?

. . . hopes my sweet mom and dad can get out of here and on their way to Mexico soon. . . they are sitting in the airport. Waiting.

. . . wouldn't mind a snow day (or "ice" day, I guess) tomorrow. As long as we can keep our electricity.

. . . can't believe how sweet the Coach has been, helping me clean out files and organize all of our paper in the this house. Yeah!

. . . is excited to get the wallpaper in the kitchen and play room stripped this week - the painter is coming to texture on Monday! Woo hoo! (I'm telling you, I have one amazing husband)

. . . figures that if I can't have my jewelry party tomorrow night, we could start peeling wall paper, instead. Not a bad prospect!

. . . knows the kids will really enjoy eating the jewelry party food if there is no party.

. . . better get off the computer!

What would YOUR status update be today?


Jo said...

is trying to decide to run first or start on the boy scout cakes for tonights bake sale. Maybe if I ran after - it would negate all the finger licking I plan to do.

Jo said...

Very creative post idea. I love it.
I always get so cracked up at statuses. SOme are quite a paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the status is OK over there. Have been praying for you as you missed several days and I thought some sickness or other must have caught you all again! Guess I better check on Facebook next time I wonder where you went!
Here, the big Kansas Day Sunday School Party is the mode for the week! My husband loves to celebrate Kansas day and this year I decided that a S.S. party would be a fun way for him to celebrate with a bunch of people! The menu is set up, the groceries purchased, some things in the freezer, working ahead on school so we can take Friday off... can hardly wait for Friday - I think it will be a blast!

Brooke said...

My blog has been suffering as well... I also think Facebook is to blame :) That and I spend WAY too much time READING blogs... My status update should read - Brooke is preparing for a winter storm by buying groceries (with the rest of Indiana!)and doing laundry. I'm hoping we don't lose electricity, but at least the laundry will be clean if it does!!

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

my status would be: treasure got out in the weather w/ the family to got to incredible pizza and was given 400 tickets.

Lori said...

.....has sick kids.

.....not feeling so great.

.....has not had time to call her bff today.

Corrie said... so glad work is done for today and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
...hopes her man gets a snow day tomorrow! :-D hungry and tired and therefore glad for food and a comfy house. excited about your kitchen and dining room. thinking I must visit cuz I miss you guys way too much!

Cindy said...

Well, it's not very "Christian-like", but this is what it would be right now:

Cindy is.....

......not very tolerant of ignorant people who insist things must be done a certain way only because that is all they know!!!!!!!!!

But also :)

......enjoying time with the kids right now, even though I'm on the computer. They crack me up! thankful for a great family, wonderful friends, beautiful children who are such a joy to be around, but most of all my God who loves me for who I am!

Erin Conrad said...

Erin is...glad she found this blog :)

Heidi said...

Is thankful for the yucky weather because I get to stay home with my kids some extra days!