Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Morning Snapshot

Good morning from the Troops!

Daughter (#7). Sleepily waiting for Grandmother to come take her to BSF.

Little Man's animals. Every day he gets them all out of the basket. And puts them back. At some point, anyway.

The vacuum. Waiting to be used in the sunroom. Which is frighteningly dirty.

And little man himself. Looking like he always does. Stick up hair. In his socks. Carrying some cereal. All he's missing is his sippy.

It's pretty quiet here at the troops.

What is going on at your house this morning?


Lori said...

At my house I was frantically trying to understand my notes on making bean soup. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge!

Anonymous said...

First there was school, bread to be made before lunch could be had... it was busy, but not bad. The sunshine was out and the snow is pretty and white! No time for pictures yet! :) Now, Mom is here for a visit, my eldest daughter put the chili in the crockpit, so supper is on! Glad to see life is still and calm over there.

Jo said...

Unusual Tuesday for us. Just walking in the door since 9:30 this morning. Ladies seminar - once in a lifetime speaker (couldn't miss) lunch with Hubs, trip to Walmart to kill time before Audrey's violin lesson - back home to beat the snow. YEa. I love being home.

Garden Girl said...

Don't you just love BSF! It is the fellowship I am so thankful for. Our group is made up of 40-50 and wow, we are all having a rough year, BUT GOD is meeting everyone of us where we are.
One of my fav things is to volunteer in the children's classroom.
Hope you had a great discussion today!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Troop - finally had time to look at your wonderful blog! This morning, I woke up with no caffeine to take son #1 to specialist - broken hand - WWF wrestling at my house finally had consequences! The specialist secrertary!! (didn't even see dr.) sent me to someone else, son too young, bones too little OHH! and not in network for insurance. How did they overlook this when making the appointment is a question I was too frustrated to think about until the drive home! By 9:30am I was at Sonic ordering Dr. Pepper! Told son #1 (who was looking at me with confusion) don't drink cokes in the morning, it's bad for you! Some quotation like "Do as I say, not as I do" rang a bell! Good day to the troops! Sumer :)