Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday from the Troops!

Been awhile since I've done a TT post and BOY do we need it here, today.

People (you know who you are) are always saying how "positive" and "encouraging" I am and how I always "find the bright side of things" (no, I'm not making this up).

And it's time to be honest.


I'm just sayin'.

If I WERE thankful all of the time and DID have a positive outlook? Thankful Thursday wouldn't be so very necessary.

It gets my head back where it should be. "In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

So now that I've told you the TRUTH. Here we go:

1. That it's Thursday. Because technically that means tomorrow will be Friday and WHEW BOY am I ready for Friday.

2. A great basketball season for Son #1. Tonight is his last game. He's learned, grown and improved a lot! Fun to watch.

3. For my Coach. I know I say this, often. But it can't be said enough. Truly. He's an amazing man. Patient (that is mighty necessary because I am somewhat of a challenge). Wonderful daddy to our kiddos. Works hard (wait until you see the kitchen walls!). Loves me unconditionally. I don't have to love him unconditionally (even though I do) because he's WAY easy to love and live with.

4. My parents safe return from Mexico. I'm grateful they are such a part of our daily lives. But I really miss them when they aren't here! And the lunch at Chick-fil-A? Mighty nice.

5. Safety. I'm pretty sure our guardian angels have done double time this week. Praise the Lord for His protection.

6. Nice weather. A blessing to have the kids able to play outside a lot, lately. Since the ice storm it's been positively Spring like. In fact, Saturday it reached 70!

7. That we survived. Because some weeks, I'm not sure we will. But we do. And God is still on His throne, still in control. Still loving us and working in us for His glory.

Happy Thursday, Friends!


Jo said...

Keepin it real. Thanks for a sweet list friend! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement to reamian thankful even if...
reading with the youngest takes FOREVER, the dishwasher goes out, the snow and cold just will NOT leave... I am thankful that I am promised a new dishwasher, I am thankful to have lost a few pounds this week, now to keep it off! Have a great weekend!

Zimms Zoo said...

You know I thought that you were just to good to be true! I am just kidding I love being around you and always feel uplifted when I am.

Thankful for the new baby. That she sleeps for at least 6 stretches at night. That we started back to school and only one really bad day. That it is Friday and we are done for the week. All the wonderful food that my wonderful friends have brought to us.

Lori said...

Happy Thursday. Yesterday. Not for sure how I missed this. Crazy day yesterday. Love your list. I too need the Thankful Thursday just to get my mind back on track of all I have to be thankful for. It's amazing how one can so quickly get wrapped up in day to day craziness and forget everything we have to truly be thankful for! Love ya, friend!

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

okay i so need to start this thankful thursday thing on my blog, because i couldn't think of much to be thankful for yesterday. thanks for reminding me.

Laura said...

thanks for being such a great example! :) It is amazing what happens around here when Mom is in the right state of mind, ie joyful and thankful!

Corrie said...

I'm thankful for you. I needed you yesterday. :-)