Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Girls and Happy Birthdays

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 12th birthday.

She's as sweet as can be. And although I'd love to tell you all about her (maybe someday I will), for today, I'm going to show you how we celebrated.

Started with Ear Piercing on Saturday:

Then lunch at the Tea Room with SWEET friends and Grandmother:

Family birthdays at my brother's house on Sunday - February is busy around here:

And our "birthday girl selected" menu dinner with grandparents last night:

Happy Birthday, Girl! You are such a blessing - we love you so very much.


Lori said...

She got her ears done! And lunch at a tea room! How fun! She is such a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday!

Judy said...

I remember the day in the Staff Room when we were talking about our childrens' spiritual gifts. Your dad said your spiritual gift was being beautiful. He said your beautiful spirit and your beautiful looks were a special gift. Looks like your daughter has the same gifts. :-)

mom2camo said...

She's so pretty!! I can't imagine what it's going to be like for all my girls to be hitting that age. Can't wait and can wait at the same time!! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Zimms Zoo said...

Lioness wanted to call her and I totally forgot. Sounds like she had a great birthday. Tell her she is braver than me since I still haven't done it. Maybe mother's day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great day! Special to have family involved as well.
What a beautiful young lady. Most of our birthdays are coming up in March and April. Glad the birthday was filled with so much fun!

Mimi said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog through Rachel's. I have been reading some of your posts and a bit of your story with Troop. It has been fun to catch up on your life from your persepctive. I run into your mother often. What a lovely family you have!!

Jo said...

What a sweet time. I love girls days!!! She's precious. Happy Birthday.

Cindy said...

She is such a beautiful young lady! Happy birthday, B!

bethany said...

She is becoming such a lovely beauty. I can't believe i remember when she was only about five years old.....when she came with you to that baby shower.....they grow up so fast.