Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a stroke of genius. . .

Those of you who know me IRL (you know, "in real life") already know that I've been a bit overwhelmed, lately. So much so that the Coach made me promise him something. That I wouldn't take on anything "extra" for two weeks. In the interest of keeping some kind of sanity in this house, I agreed.

However, the list, it's long. I'm pretty sure we've been behind on things around here since Little Man arrived. And he's almost two (gasp). No matter how many things I say "no" to, I'm not going to get it all done. There's no way to do that. So I enlisted some help.

My kids!

Now you already know they all have regular jobs. They help out a lot. The house stays relatively clean and orderly - mostly. So the daily things - not so much a problem. The weekly/monthly/yearly jobs? It's been awhile.

I started to make a list:

1. Lemon Oil all kitchen/bathroom cabinets and woodwork.
2. Shampoo carpets in living areas.
3. Organize toy baskets in playroom
4. Hand scrub dining room floor
5. Mop kitchen (this should be a regular job around here. But I'm keepin' it real. It's been awhile.)
6. Move all eight "birthday books" to larger binders.
7. Date and put pictures in order for albums.
8. Clean out "craft" cabinet in sunroom.
9. Dust baseboards and ceiling corners.

It goes on - I'll spare you the rest.

So you can see why I don't have any hope of actually DOING all of these things.

I attached a "price" to each job - what I'm willing to pay the kids for doing it well, thoroughly and as instructed. Then a chart, to keep track of who has done what and what they have earned. When something comes up that they want (it's all about Playmobil around here, right now), they have an amount to spend and I am the "bank".

So far - so good. The motivated kids are working hard. The house is looking better.

Only Daughter (#7) has had to be reminded that there is not "price" for regular jobs (like brushing her teeth, for instance). But she's excited to earn some spending money, too.

And the Coach? He's worried. Thinks they might earn all of my grocery money. I told him we can do without food for awhile if we have a clean house.

After all, it's all about priorities.

Oh, I jest.

Sort of.


Zimms Zoo said...

too bad i was going to see about getting together soon! but with all this work going on!

I pay them sometimes but i als ouse it when they are fighting and make them do the chores together.

the motivation will slow down and then you can eat again.

Lori said...

Brilliant idea! I may try that. Thanks for sharing!

Disney's World said...

If you run out of grocery money....just think of how long your kitchen will stay clean. ha :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the offer was a good one! Have not tried that yet... perhaps it will come in handy with a few projects around here that keep getting put off!=}
Glad you have taken on the challenge to slow down a bit, seems there are always too many things to do and not enough hours to complete them in!