Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it's already Thursday.
What a week.

1. That although Daughter's (#2) arm is broken, it didn't separate and will heal well. She's sporting a temporary cast up past her elbow. Next week she'll get a shorter, waterproof one.

2. That Little Man (#8) isn't running a fever this morning - he was yesterday.

3. For my mother-in-law, who came and stayed with the little ones while I took Daughter (#2) in for X-rays yesterday morning.

4. For my mom, who came and stayed with the whole crew while I took Daughter (#2) to get her cast yesterday afternoon.

5. For the Coach, who MADE me call the doctor yesterday and get on some medicine for this nasty cold/allergy thing I have going on. I feel better, already.

6. For gracious doctors and nurses who have helped us through this week. What a blessing to know who to call! And be taken such good care of.

7. For a good night's sleep. Everyone slept all night. That's a big deal!

8. That the laundry is all clean and mostly folded (thanks, Mom) - I should be able to get caught up this morning.

9. For the Elementary school play and Grandparent's Day at school today. The kids are excited! (Not sure how it will work out for Daughter #2, but it will be OK.)

10. For a Sweet Girl who is coming to watch the kids this afternoon so they don't have to miss their naps and I don't have to wrestle and "shush" them all through the play.

11. For the absolutely beautiful, Spring-like weather this week. Delightful. The kids have been outside constantly!

12. That I got the carpets shampooed on Monday. Just in time for the kids to track lots of dirt in all week. Oh well!

How grateful I am that God is the blessed controller of all things. And yet He cares for us and the details of our lives. Wow!

Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU are thankful for today. I can't wait to read it!

Happy Thursday!


The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

i am thankful for this weather too. i am thankful we have been healthy in this household lately. i am thankful the car repairs were not as much as anticipated!

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...
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Jo said...

oh my. So sorry for your sweet girl! Never a dull moment eh? I'm thankful today for forgiveness. After yesterday I needed it from everyone. What a blessing to start a clean fresh day.

Lori said...

So sorry things are so absolutely crazy there! Praying for quick healing for #2. So glad you have so much help available! Thankful for a lot of things. Will try to do a post later. Love ya!

Judy said...

I'm thankful for encourageing reports from the doctor, following up past illnesses... and thankful that in the worst of times we can trust that the Lord is aware and cares and 'this too shall pass.'

Anonymous said...

Sorry for Daughter #2 broken arm. YUCK! We just got son #1 out of a cast. Thankful his hand is healing properly. p.s. The extra money for waterproof cast is totally worth it!!! Thankful for your blog, Mrs. Troop! :) Sumer

Zimms Zoo said...

When Monkey broke her arm they didn't even offer us that option. I wonder if it is because she had to have one that came above her elbow because of the bad break.

I am sorry to hear that. How did she do it? Tell her that our crew is feeling bad for her.

I was just getting ready to post my Thankful Thursday when I saw yours come up. Drop by and read later.

Mrs. Troop said...

Yes, Zimms Zoo - I think it does have something to do with it coming up higher - her "temporary" cast comes up above her elbow. She already hates it!
Thanks, everyone for your prayers and kindness. Trusting the Lord for today. . .

Beth said...

I am thankful for nine more weeks in Alaska, and then I get to join the beautiful weather you are having in the lower 48. And, I am thankful for three beautiful, healthy (right now) children!

Anonymous said...

Thankful with you that you had help and got the broken bone tended too! Glad you are feeling better... I was just going to get to posting for this week finally!
It has been a busy, long week, but I wanted to comment on last weekend and the Weekend to Remember Conference, I think I have a few moments right now, so...

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

Love the Thankful tone. It's so refreshing!!!! (after all of my negativity on my blog) I think I'm inspired!!! don't know that I'll do it every thursday.... but thanks!!!! Have a great weekend!!