Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy, Happy - Chapter #3

The Big Day

With the bride and her sister before hair and make-up doing
(that's Daughter (#2) on the left)

Three girls ready for pictures!

With one of our other sweet sitters
(sister of the bride)

One littlest girl who can't resist climbing and skipping
IN SPITE OF the fancy dress, hair and flower bracelet

AND there was a BABY there - it doesn't get any better!

Pictures outside

And with the beautiful bride

All of the girls

What a happy day!


Jo said...

Oh my oh my - this last picture is breathtaking. I know you cherish it. What a fun memory to make together as little sisters. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Daisy Girl said...

Your girls are so beautiful! That last picture makes me want to cry. And go ahead and plan arranged marriages for my boys! HA! Just Kiddin. Kind of. Unless of course you would consider such a thing. Ha!

And I want a step-by-step on those up-dos!

Daisy Girl said...

I'm like going to frame that picture and put it in my house! It is just so beautiful. That should win a contest or something. Your girls are so precious.

The Anderson Zoo said...

Your girls are beautiful. That last picture is amazing. Definately a blow up, frame & never take down picture.

mom2camo said...

Beautiful girls!! I think you should have a couple more, they are so beautiful!!! heehee

Laura said...

Oh, the last picture did make me cry! I can't believe A and L are the same size. Well, I can because one is a peanut! Beautiful!!

Audrey said...

One more question for the question post which I await with baited breath. Speaking of little girls...... how did you/do you handle things like the ever increasing romantic influence everywhere - even in every disney movie.

I don't want to forbid it altogether and tempt the curiosity even more yet I feel overwhelmed at how "everywhere" it is and wondered how to translate to a little mind - in a good realistic way - thats wholesome.

Hows that for the longest comment ever.

Carla said...

Okay I see three girls and Craisy Daisy only has two, care to arrange a marriage with one of my 3 after her! My older boys have been praying for a little sister makes me want one too. Beautiful!

Meg said...

G'day Mrs Troop! I actually read your comment over at 'One Thing' and found you to have a gorgeous blog, so just had to leave a comment!

Your family is adorable, and I have to say, your Daughter #2 looks so happy and serene, even though she doesn't appear to be in the wedding party. That shows a real sweet spirit I think, and a credit to you as her parents!

Feel free to drop in on my husbands blog 'Down Under'. I post there most weeks, although he does most of the writing as a means to love and exhort the men-folk to grow in the Lord.

Bless you and your precious family. I look forward to more of your writing!

Blessings from Sydney,

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all, and aren't they all just beautiful! Would like to hear the fun story of the bride and groom, sure you are very busy. Maybe someday down the road! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! What else is there to say?