Friday, July 11, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Hello there, Friends!

There has been some discussion that
1) I've gone completely insane or
2) I'm hiding out or (possibly)
3) we've been taken over by sickness at the Troops.

I can truthfully say all of the above.

But not to worry! It's only been ONE WEEK since my last post. And it's SUMMER. And have I mentioned before that we have EIGHT CHILDREN here at the Troops?

I have?



You probably didn't know that's it National "Make everything out of Perler Beads" Week. Been doing a lot of ironing around here.

Which is not a bad thing. Except I haven't ironed any CLOTHES.

And the Perler Beads - love them. Except when they are on the floor. And I step on them. And they stick to the bottom of my feet.

Children are creative, though, I must say. When the attitudes (brought on by extreme fatigue, I'm sure) went South and the TV and computer were taken away, out came the Legos and Perler Beads.

Lots of little pieces.

The TV is easier to clean up.

Well, maybe not.


In the meantime, I've been working on a Bridal Luncheon for our Sweet Sitter who is getting married next week! Yeah! More about that later. They have a wonderful story that I've been wanting to share with you!

Truly, the vacation pics are coming. They just take forever to load. And since I've been ironing perler beads and rocking a sick (yes, again) Baby Boy, I haven't had time to wait for them.

Really, it's time for another "How the Coach Won My Heart" post. I've been working on it - in my head - while I've been ironing, unloading the dishwasher, scubbing the bathtubs and folding laundry. If only I could type at the same time!

So you can see that my lack of posts is not for lack of material!

But for NOW - here's my Favorite for today:


The Coach, he has big goals. And he's disciplined. Seriously. The man rises early EVERY DAY. Even if I've been up with the baby all night.

And runs. With the consistency of how the sun rises and sets.

Me, I'm lucky to get a shower on some days.

And even though the Coach's Biay study is awesome, it's more than I can aspire to. At least until the children are all grown.

Several years ago, I purchased this two-year Bible. It's just my speed. Each day you read an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, and there are also little devotionals.

And since I'm all about keepin' it real, here, I will be honest and say I have taken more than two years to read through it. During BSF years I just used it on days I didn't have my questions to work on. Just being honest.

And for more honesty, I opted out of BSF this year to stay home with Baby Boy. Because he's our baby. And he's growing so fast! And given the chance to stay home with him or go to a Bible Study, I chose him. You can tell him that, later, when he's 15.

If you want to jump in and post a favorite today, go for it! I know I haven't been consistent with FFF this Summer, so you may not be in the mood. That's OK! Let's be honest - you'll have a few days to work on it while I try to get my act together and post, again!

But if nothing else, please let this post be a reminder to you that no matter how chaotic your life may be (mine certainly is), stay in the Word!

Even if you need (as I do), an easy, short, passage organized FOR you so you don't have to think about it.

Happy Friday!


The Anderson Zoo said...

I know how you are feeling today. Thank you for your encouragement and being real.

Hope life slows down a little for you today.

Daisy Girl said...

Thanks for that encouragement! It always seems like the crazier things get, the harder it is for me to make time to read my Bible.

I'll try to get a fabulous Friday post. We just got home so just trying to get settled!

dmj said...

I will certainly look forward to these exciting stories!! I wondered where you had been this week and had prayed that all was well. Have not done any ironing of those little beads for a while now. Perhpas they will reappear again one day.
I did not know there was a two year Bible but will look into it as the two oldest have been encouraged to read thru the Bible in one year for two years in a row and would like to slow down a bit.
Have a great weekend!