Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. For my parents - who celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Wow.

2. That this is the last week of Summer workouts for the Coach and the athletes at school. No more leaving at 5:45 a.m.! Just trying not to think about practice starting on the 12th.

3. School clothes (or at least most of them) are ordered!

4. For Daughter (#2) and my niece who finished putting the last year's pictures in albums on Tuesday. All caught up! Yeah!

5. For A/C that is working well on these HOT days - especially the days that reach 100 or higher!

Makes me miss that cool Colorado weather!

6. For family and friends who have POOLS!

7. For the surprise visit from the Bride and Groom today! What fun!

8. For date nights - the Coach has been so sweet to make sure we get away by ourselves once a week. Reminds me why I love him so much!

Be sure and leave me a comment and tell me what YOU are thankful for today!

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

I'm thankful for all your encouragment this week! I love that picture by the way!

Have a great Thursday. I actually can't believe you had time to do a post!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to have this week to spend with our youngest, while all the rest are at camp. The baby has become the only child and we are having fun together. I am also thankful for the quiet evenings, as he goes to bed earlier than the rest, time for me and hubby that is not always available! I am very thankful for AC and our friends pool today! What fun with one!

Jen S said...

Karen, this is the second time I've "heard" you mention the ordering school clothes and the second time you have made me GASP! I need to do that!!!! Thanks for the reminder and for the fun post! :)

Jo said...

Praying today (Monday).

Love you.

I'm late on the Thankful Thursday but I'm thankful for good health, happy kids, a husband who works hard and loves us, Godly parents, and a free country.