Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy, Happy! - Chapter #1

If the wilted flowers, leftover luncheon salad, and chocolate stained flower-girl dresses are any indication, we had a FUN wedding week!

Starting with the Bridal Luncheon that Daughter (#2) and I hosted. On Thursday.

This is table #2 - the Bridal Party.

Here is the sweet Bride with Daughter (#2)

The flowers were SO pretty!

The Bride and I with our other sweet sitters (sisters) and Daughter (#2)

Table #1 - Mothers, Grandmothers and family

No - not at MY house. At my Mom's. It's cleaner there.
And as usual, I forgot something.
To take pictures of the food! Yum!


Laura said...

I was about to say - hey that looks like mom's house!! It looks wonderful!! We need to talk so I can hear all about it!! Can't wait for more pics!

Jo said...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing. You've been a busy girl!!

Daisy Girl said...

Wow! It looked perfectly beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm so glad everything turned out well. Will we get to see pics of the flower girls?

mom2camo said...

How fun! I LOVE things like this...even though they wear me out! Share more pics!!!