Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I haven't slept in awhile.
In spite of all of the tips and tricks and sleeps aids. . .
Big fat historical novels and late night reruns. . .
I've only slept one night in the last 5.

It's not pretty.

My kids could use your prayers, as my tolerance and patience levels are at an all time low.  And the Coach isn't here to run interference.  I'm all they've got.

I'm so glad the Coach and Daughter #2 have this opportunity.  The reports from Honduras are good.  They are building (or have built) a house.  Done VBS with the children.  Practiced English with the adults. Given manicures and pedicures to teens in the girls' home.  Even dipped their feet in the clear, blue water on the white sugar sand.

I think the Coach was at a loss when their flights were all on time and went as scheduled.  Unlike last year's trip to Brazil, it DIDN'T take them 5 days to get there.

He's sent a few text messages.  All in caps.  From some one else's phone.  Each one has assured me that my girl is doing well and I'd be proud.

I knew she would, of course.  And I am, of course.

This morning, bright and early (although not as early as the Honduras crew on Saturday), I said good-bye to Son #1 who is headed to Mexico.  The trips overlap by 5 days.  5 days without the Coach OR my oldest two kids.

There's been a whole lot of letting go around here.

NOT trying to take control of preparations, shopping, packing with my young adult children.  Letting them make decisions and keep track of things.  Realizing they are going to forget something.  They are going to make mistakes.  They are going to struggle and have a bad attitude at some point.  I can't prepare them for everything and I can't do it for them.

Letting go.

But even though I am tired of being a single mom.

Even though I can't sleep.

Even though we haven't really been able to enjoy the first week of Summer, yet, with all that's had to be done.

Even though I've made more trips than I thought possible to Academy and Wal-mart between the three of them.

I wouldn't trade it.

Because these trips (the mission ones, not the Wal-mart ones) are an answer to our prayers.

Our kids (at least the two oldest) have a heart for the gospel.  They are learning that the only things that will last for eternity are God's Word and the souls of men.  They are realizing that the world is bigger than they are - that it's not all about them.  That most people in the world don't live the way we do (even if they are forced to live without cell phones and Facebook - ha!).  That they are blessed.

So I'm done whining for tonight (at least on here).

If sleep doesn't come, once again, I'll be grateful for the time to lift the Coach and my kiddos and their teams up in prayer.  I'll thank the Lord again and again for His blessing in these opportunities.  I'll be grateful that I'm not on my own with 6 babies, but instead, I have an almost 13 year old down to a 4+ year old.  All of which can dress themselves, feed themselves, go to sleep on their own, and be a tremendous help to me.

And I would be so very grateful for your prayers, as well.  For the Coach and the team (including my sweet girl) in Honduras.  For Son #1 and the team on their way to Mexico for 12 days.

And would you ask the Lord to send me some sleep?

My kids would be grateful for a more rested momma.  And I would be grateful to have the "fog" in my brain clear out.  Without the assistance of large quantities of Diet Dr. Pepper and Advil.

Happy Wednesday!


Jen S said...

Praying that you can sleep! Is it that you have trouble sleeping when Troop is gone? Good for you for keeping the right attitude though...even without sleep...and I'm sure with much grace and prayer.

Five Freddys said...

I imagine your big kids are the way I envision my little kids turning out to be. Hope you to have some sleep and some fun with your younger crew - prayers going up for you!