Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where's the off switch when you need it?

Wishing, tonight, that I could turn my brain "off" and go to sleep.

How DOES the Coach do that?  (must have something to do with boxes vs. spaghetti. . . hmmmm)

Instead, the to-do lists, the calendar, the people I want to check on, the people I'm praying for, the things the Coach and I need to discuss (yes, we keep a list), the knee pain following Saturday's longer run, the pile of wedding invitations, the not-so-picked-up house, the bills, the various current issues with each kid, the flower beds that need to be weeded, the run I didn't take this morning, tomorrow's busy schedule. . .all rolling around up there refusing to quiet down.

And the son who is hiking around some canyon in Mexico with his cousin (and a big group from our school)?

That's up there, too.

In the form of prayers, mostly.  And excitement for him and this adventure in sharing the love of Jesus.

And then there is the unspeakable joy of having my Coach and my girl home.  Ahhhhhh. 

And somewhere up there the pan of homemade cinnamon rolls is calling my name. 
But I'm not listening.

Not yet, anyway.

Maybe there is a little bit of grieving over the fact that the "lazy days" of Summer seem to be a thing of the past, here at the troops.  Looking at the calendar (this week took two pages to print it all), it's going to be anything but lazy.  Now it's all about sports camps and workouts and VBS and inner-city day camps, piano lessons, weddings, Summer league ball. . .

We're going to have to put some "lazy" on the calendar just to make it happen.

But I'm not sad that the troops are growing up.  Well.  A little, maybe.  But they are turning into great young adults.  Interesting to talk to.  Fun to be with.  Making me grateful (most days) to be their mama.  And they aren't ALL grown up.  Yet.

Now back to bed I go. 

Happy Tuesday!
Oh wait.

Happy Wednesday!

(now where IS that switch?)


Daisy Girl said...

Good Grief Girl! So sad you couldn't sleep. I couldn't find my off switch either last night. And this morning I can't seem to find the completely on switch. So tired. Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for all the trouble sleeping lately. It seems to strike over here during the busiest times- haven't quite figured that out yet. Isn't that when I need the sleep most? I read the post on boxes and spaghetti- somhow I missed that one. I love the explanation of your moms. I was trying to tell my hubby the news about hearing aids while he was planting seeds in the garden. I did not think four hills of zuchini took so much thought... forgot about those boxes only being open only one at a time! :) You'd think I would remember that by now!