Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every now and then. . .

I'm sitting in a lovely hotel room in Chicago.  Looking out on a view of the city. . . knowing the water is just out of sight in one direction. . . and Michigan Avenue is just out of sight in the other.

The best part of all?  Those countless moments in the last few weeks when I felt like yelling, "I need a vacation!!"

One was on it's way.

I haven't been to Chicago in about 20 years.  It's an amazing city.  It's humorous to me how much it looks the same - I recognize much more than I thought I would.  So many memories.

And trust me.  I wouldn't be on the computer if the Coach were here.  But our reason for coming was a school administrators conference of some sort that he's attending. . . so I'm just tagging along.

So happy to be tagging along.

SO very grateful for the sweet friends and family (in four different places) who are pitching in to keep up with the troops for me so I could come.

This room is so quiet.

And there are so many channels on the TV (I don't get out much).

A big bag of Garrett's Chicago mix is on the counter of our kitchenette.

Starbucks is right around the corner (I'm on my way here in a bit).

Endless shopping (of the window variety) goes on for blocks in every direction.

Leaving home doesn't change anything in the long run.  When we get back, there will still be eight kids, relational struggles, discipline problems, and the never-ending WORK of life.

But for now?

It's nice.

Really nice.

Every now and then the Lord gives us a beautiful break.  A chance to catch our breath.  Rest a bit.  Talk through things.  Spend some time away.

I'm grateful.

And I sure hope the Coach isn't expecting any of this popcorn to be left when he gets back from his meeting!


jjbrown03 said...

So happy for you! I went to Chicago 3 different times for work, but would love to go back with James. Such a fun city! Enjoy!

Cindy P said...

Well, I would be jealous for you, but I know what you had to accomplish in order to just get I will just be happy for you :).....

ENJOY the quiet- it's so rare. :)

Eat LOTS of popcorn while changing channels and jumping on the bed... because you can! HA!