Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Quick Catch Up!

The school year is marching on to the end. . . and the troops are finishing well.  We've had a lot of fun in the last couple of weeks.  Not all of which was captured in photos, but here are a few things. . .

Land Run day for Daughter (#5).  Here's her "claim" with Little Man.  It was a COLD, wet day!

Some of the activities were in our gym, to minimize the time we spent outside freezing in the cold wind. 

They played pioneer games and sang songs and did some "skip to my louing", as well.

Then there was "Annie" weekend.  SO MUCH FUN!  Daughter (#2) was an orphan.  With LINES, forheavenssake!  If you know her, you know what a huge deal this was.  And she loved it!  Son (#3) was Bert Heely.  "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"  And a servant in the Warbucks mansion and a ticket booth attendant in "NYC". 

This is all of the family that had parts in the play, with the Coach's parents.  Not many grandparents can go to a school play and have SIX grandkids participating.  (And they had just gotten in from the 6th grade Washington DC trip with two OTHER grandkids!)

Here are my two with their amazing, awesome, MUCH BELOVED director.  She does a fabulous job!  The rest of the troops didn't even know "Bert" could sing!  Ha!

Sweet little cousin audience members.  Daughter (#5) second from left and Daughter (#6) on the right.  They went to ALL three performances!  It was THAT good!  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the homemade cupcakes for sale during intermission!

And the same weekend, we had the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  I had to sit this one out (stupid leg), but I LOVED watching the Coach and Son (#3) finish in UNDER two hours.  Unbelievable!  Think I might slow the Coach down a bit?

Here is the Coach and Son (#3) with Grandmother, who ran the half. . . and Granddad who did the FULL MARATHON in his hand-cycle.  Do I have amazing parents, or what? 
(And yes, Granddad raced in his JEANS!)

And then among a multitude of other fun, year-end things this week. . . Son (#1) finished up his year in YLX (Youth Leadership Exchange) with a "graduation" last night.  Here are all of the kids from our school who participated.

And my handsome boy with my handsome Coach.  Love them.

(Note to self:  When wearing "flowy" tops, do not lean forward in pictures.  I've spent enough of my life pregnant without looking that way NOW!  Ha!)

Time to make cookies for Daughter's (#7) Author's Tea, tonight.

We sent Son (#4) off to Creation Nation Science Camp, yesterday morning.  And Daughter (#2) off on her Freshman Oklahoma History Trip, this morning.

Too bad we won't be home, tonight, to enjoy having ONLY six kids in the house!

Thanking the Lord for His ever-sufficient grace and strength. . .

Happy Thursday!

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jo said...

Oh I loved hearing these stories. And even more the pictures of your pretty group all growing up so fast.

Your flowy top is super cute. I snorted out loud at that comment - because yes, i so know the feeling.

AAAA. MAAAAZZZZIng your parents are. Your dad in his jeans AND belt nonetheless. One of these days, me. you. OKC Marathon. I hope.

Love you.