Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Note to self. . .

1.  The front porch is a nice place to check e-mail and write on the blog.

2.  Being "stuck" at home without a car is lovely.  Having a son who can drive himself to the orthodontist in my car is even lovelyer.

3.  "90 degrees is NOT hot."  I've said it five times in the last five minutes.  That and, "Just wait until it's 110 every day and THEN you'll be asking for this weather."

4.  I'm not a very compassionate mom.

5.  Little Man is not as coordinated at his older sister (who is seven, now, but was riding a scooter like a maniac at 4).  I'm OK with it - it's less scary.

6.  Having a clean house makes me happy.  At least for the 10 minutes it lasts.  But the rest of the minutes I can choose to be happy, anyway.

7.  I should spend more time working in our flower beds.  Instead of writing.  But I like writing more.

8.  The kids look cute with flushed red cheeks.

9.  Hedges do not appreciate volleyballs.  But I think we'll keep the volleyballs.  And the kids.

10.  Having a yard that is 99% shade makes it hard to grow grass, but cooler to play outside when it's 90 degrees.

11.  Next time the wind is gusting at 50 miles per hour, I'll remember that when it's still, there are more bugs.

12.  Five kids = easy peasy.  When I'm not having to remind them that it's NOT too hot and to quit hitting the volleyball into the hedge.

13.  With "only" five kids here, there is "no one to play with".  I'm guessing it's the choice of playmates, not the number?

14.  Need to have the boys mow the lawn.  Later.  When I'm not on the porch.

15.  Chalk writing all over the porch, driveway, and sidewalk is precious.  And it's "art".  And someday I'll miss it.

16.  My kids are WAY better artists than I am.

17.  A porch swing is therapeutic.  Especially when it's the same porch swing that we were sitting on when the Coach asked me to marry him.

18.  Remind the Coach, more often, how much I love him.  And that I still think he's soveryhandsome.  And that I would say YES, again, today, if he asked.

19.  Conversations between 5 and 7 year olds are funny.

20.  Swinging on the porch swing makes the porch a poor choice for bike riding.  I almost lost a foot.

21.  I love this house.  And this yard.  And this neighborhood.

22.  Clean the windows.  Soon.  But not right now.

23.  Stop making lists.  And procrastinating.  And letting my kids whine.

Think I'll head inside.  It's hot out here.

Happy Wednesday!!

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