Saturday, August 3, 2013

He just knows.

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, after a morning of boot camp, caring for a sick girl, errands and my Weight Watchers meeting. . .

I got a text from the Coach.

"Meet me at the 4:20 movie?" it said.

Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal.  But it's not something we do very often.

And it meant JUST. SO. MUCH.

Sometimes, it's the little things that touch me the most.

The little thoughtful things that make my heart squeeze and remind me that this man I share life with?

He's the best.

He knows when I'm tired and discouraged.  He knows that it's easier to leave the troops for a couple of hours in the afternoon when someone is sick and will want us there in the evening.  He knows I need time with him.  He knows I was up half the night and am lacking patience.  He knows I'm sore from workouts and sitting in a cool theater with a Diet Coke and popcorn was just right.  And even though we usually don't chose seeing a movie for our dates (because we would rather go somewhere quiet to talk), sometimes it's the perfect thing.

I want my kids to know that marriage isn't easy.  That it's a lot of work.  That it takes commitment and patience and lots of forgiveness (especially on the Coach's end).  That it takes time to learn to receive God's grace so you can extend it to your spouse. That some days you don't feel loving or thoughtful or kind.  That some days (particularly when there are kids involved) you have nothing left (or so it seems) for one another.

But I also want them to know THIS.  What this almost 19 years of living life together is like.  That marriage can be amazing and wonderful and having someone know you deeply and still love you is incredible.  That after all of this time, their daddy is still my favorite.  That we still have fun together and love being together and laughing together (like when some guy started snoring in the middle of the movie). I'd rather be with him than anyone else on the planet.

Even for an afternoon movie on a hot Summer Friday.

No.  Especially for an afternoon movie on a hot Summer Friday.

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