Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time to be Thankful

Surgery for Son (#3) on Wednesday went great!  Thank you so much for your prayers for us all.  There wasn't any other damage, just the ACL, which the surgeon described more as "mutilated" than a tear.  Ugh.  But we were home by 11:30 that morning and it's been busy ever since.

My heart has been full as I've watched our friends and family love on my sweet boy.
The visits.  The cards.  The cookies.  The movies.  The dinner on the night of his surgery.

He missed his class retreat on Thursday and you know what they did?  Made a life size cutout of his face and took pictures with him in them at each activity.  No one has friends like that!  Amazing.

Grandmother has helped with the other troops, folded laundry, and taken the ironing to her house. . .  the other kids have helped Son (#3) and kept up with school beautifully, the Coach has kept me from losing my mind (that's nothing new), and I even got a run in on Saturday.

We've crossed some milestones - like pulling the drain tube out of his knee (I do NOT get paid enough for this job!  Ha!), changing the bandages from surgery (can you say 17 staples?), and weaning off the meds during the night (I am TOO old to get up every four hours thankyouverymuch!).

He is gradually needing less pain medication and is getting up and down on his own.  It's still a full day to get in 6 hrs on the CPM while icing.  My job is just to feed him.  (smile)  Mostly bacon.

I even threw caution to the wind and watched "The Village" with him last week.  Yikes.  Fortunately I've been so tired I haven't had any nightmares.  Yet.

He's still not back to school (tomorrow is our goal) and we are still missing a lot of football and volleyball games while trying to keep things together here at home (And honestly?  The carpets need vacuumed sooooo badly!).

It's all good.

And blessed.

I'm so grateful for it all.  Even the time with this son of mine.

And now he and I are off to take Daughter (#7) to the dentist to get teeth pulled.  Because who wants a quiet day at home?

Happy Tuesday!

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amber said...

Those ARE some great friends.. Which means he is one to them since they obviously love him that much!

The Village is a fav of mine- the ending just leaves ya thinking. I like movies like that~

And too funny on who wants a quiet day at home. Yeah, how boring!! Ben is scheduled for the same at the dentist in a few wks- they should open a whole wing in our name w what we've already shelled out!

Happy Friday dear!!!