Monday, October 7, 2013

Laugh or Go Crazy

I actually beat the Coach to bed last night.  It was a little Christmas miracle.  OK.  A Fall miracle.

Because he is forever and always scolding me about staying up too late.  And then going to bed without me while I fold laundry or wash dishes or line up lunch bags or wash water bottles.

But I'm not bitter.  (wink)

Last night I was so tired that the mess didn't even phase me (now THAT is tired!) and I stumbled back to bed earlier than usual.

I was trying to focus my bleary eyes on the newest edition of WORLD when he came to bed.  Don't you just love how you take out your contacts, wash your face, put cream on your face, chapstick, eye drops, brush your hair, put lotion on your hands. . .

And the guys just brush their teeth and climb into bed?

So not fair.

Anyway, I had actually DONE all of that and still beat him to bed, when he came in and said, "I love what you've done with the hall."

It took me a minute.

You see. . . a week ago (yes a WEEK), the kids had been begging to get out the Fall decorations and I finally gave in (usually October 1st is the earliest I pull it all out).  They had a great time switching out the wreath and putting the leaf garland on the mantle.  They even convinced the Coach to take them to buy pumpkins for the porch.  Sweet Man.

But in the process of getting the stuff out of the hall cabinet, I set two Fall candles on the floor and. . .


I may have just moved on and left them there.

For a week.

I laughed at the Coach's sarcasm.

Then I told him, "That's not the half of it.  I've actually vacuumed around them.


And you know what?  This is just evidence that I'm getting better at letting things go.

And yes, they are still there.

I'm thinking it's their new home.  At least until I catch up on everything else.

Happy Monday!


amber said...

ah!!! you make me feel so NORMAL!!! :))

and hello sister on our complicated bedtime routine vs. a man's. though i'm getting rather lazy in my old age and just dropping in bed w/out doing a thing more and more - i've heard if you sleep w/ your make up on it adds 3 yrs. to your life.. which means i'm about 65 by now! ;))

happy new week. xo

Daisy Girl said...

Love it!!! I'm so going RIGHT NOW and putting some fall candles in my hallway. :)

jo said...

you are not alone!!! I don't even want to deal with how relaxed ive gotten over the years. Here's to fall candles in the hall and loving it! Miss you.
Saw your big brother this weekend at the Chile Pepper Race. HA. I don't think he recognized Eric at first. Made me laugh so hard. Eric's wild hair and facial scruff have aged him I imagine. Good to see him and meet Hunter.