Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Unexpected Gift

We didn't have any basketball games last night.  Can you believe it?  First Monday in ages that we've all been home.  Egg roll dinner with my parents (Happy Birthday, Dad!), gluten-free mocha brownie cake (so yummy!), homework, kids making fun of me (as usual), lots of laughter.

The basketball season is winding down.  Daughter (#7) finished over a week ago (4th place in the 5th and 6th grades).  The Jr. High girls have their last game on Thursday.  Son (#4) has his last home games today and his last regular season games on Friday.  Next week we'll be at the playoffs.

Then it will be volleyball, tennis, play rehearsals, track...  you get the idea.

But last night's evening home?  Lovely.

Last week I had two of the girls home with ear infections.  Daughter (#7) for two days and Daughter (#6) for three.  It was a long week.  They are doing a great job catching up on schoolwork and I'm working on catching up on errands and piles around the house.

So much to be grateful for.

Speaking of, I think it's above freezing so my run is calling.

Last night was a good reminder.  It's so busy, we are constantly coming and going,  never stopping, always work to do and laundry to fold and games to get to and meals to fit in between here and there...

Daughter (#2) and I made a trip down to see Son (#1) this weekend, have lunch, switch cars.  It was wonderful to have some time to visit with them.  And even the time with the girls last week while they were sick - I enjoyed having that time with just them.  All reminders that it's a good idea to pause now and then and just take time to enjoy these days.  They are passing so quickly.

Maybe eventually the Coach and I will get a date night, again!  Yay for basketball.  Ha!

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Rachel Meyer said...

What a welcomed surprise!!! :)