Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Basketball season has ended for us.  After lots of road trips to small towns in Oklahoma, our guys lost in the first round of Area last Thursday.  We would love to be playing in State this week, but I can't say I miss the hours in the car, the meals on the road, the time sitting in the gym.  Sure do love watching my boy play, though.

We jumped right into Spring sports.  One running track, one playing tennis, and two playing volleyball (first two tournaments were Saturday).  I'm so grateful for the sweet friends who help with rides, practices, meals, tournaments, and in countless other ways since we can't do it all.  

Play practice for Peter Pan started for three, as well.  So fun.

Science Fair is over - we only had one this year and not last year's three.  Whew.

2nd grade timeline is done and presented to the class.  I can't believe it's our last.  It's been so fun to take time with each of our kids when they were in 2nd grade to help them see God's hand in their lives.  There were even some tears as I put together this one.  Precious memories and such a reminder of the sweet gifts these kids are.  

We took all of the big kids (minus our two college students) so Little Man's friends would finally believe him when he says he has seven older brothers and sisters.   This picture makes me cry - how is everyone so grown up?

The yard is greening up, the trees are budding, the daffodils have somehow survived the wind, and we had our first tornado warning last night.

Yep.  It's Spring.

Our workout group has gotten in some outside running and one workout at the park (so far).  It's warming up and the new baby chicks are growing FAST.  This is a couple of weeks ago - now they are getting their feathers!

On Sunday nights, our tradition is eating "fancy" grilled cheese (like regular grilled cheese with bacon) and guacamole.  Little Man was helping me cut up the avocados last week and asked if he could keep the seeds so he could "line them up and tell them his feelings".  Next morning I found this...

What would I do without each one of my troops?  The distinct individuals that they are.  All so very loved and needed in our family.

And now my extra coffee is gone and it's time to get going on today's list.  I hear rain, too, so maybe today's run will be after the housework.  Son (#1) is home for Spring Break - YAY - and Daughter (#2) will be home at the end of the week.  So grateful to have time with them both.  

Blessings on your Tuesday.  May the God of all comfort both surround you with His love, and send others to show His love to you, as well.

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