Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Thunderstorms last night.

2. Cousins to play with. I'm watching Daughter #7 and her buddy and it's quite entertaining!

3. Son (#1)'s football season is over - they finished 7-1! Yeah!

4. The Coach's Varsity team made it to the playoffs!

5. Fall Festival tonight at school. The kids are SO excited.

6. Not having to cook dinner tonight - yeah!

7. A day OUT OF SCHOOL tomorrow.

8. The Coach will be home, too!

9. More time with my Grandfather this week. Thank you for your prayers!

And last but not least, that God's will is not frustrated by the will of man. He is still on His throne. The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord. I'm resting in that.

Happy Thursday, All!

Be sure and leave me a comment and let me know what YOU are thankful for today!


Jo said...

I'm the first to comment???? Yea!!!! You know by now that I'm thankful for a great day of potty training yesterday. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Jen S said...

I am thankful that you reminded me to be thankful. I took the time to update my blog and it was a blessing to remember that I have been blessed! Thank you!

Zimms Zoo said...

Yeah struggling with the whole thankful thing since Tuesday.

But we are alive and healthy. We have plenty of food and this little one is growing nicely.

Things are just about ready for her and we didn't have to spend much money to do so. Yeah for Thrift stores and garage sales.

Fall! I love this season and all the yummy soups and other dishes that go with this time of year.

That soccer is over Saturday!!

Judy said...

Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is, "Thank you, Lord, for another day of life."

Anonymous said...

For Baby Magic baby make my babies extra yummy!! :-)

For a somewhat "normal" school schedule, since baby has arrived.

The leaves falling to the ground...(they make great science and craft projects.) And, of course...they are pretty too!

For my sweet daughter #1..who is always so excited for our evening walks together. (and even some sit-ups when we are done).

That the laundry baskets are empty and it's grocery day tomorrow.!!!

oh..and...let's not forget...PUMPKIN SPICE CAPPUCINO!!!
(starbucks's is expensive..but you can get an even better version for 90 cents at cirle K!!) .....and since I mentioned cirle K...I am sooooooo thankful that our gas is now $2.00!! Miracle!!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that the leaves are raked up- well except for the ones that fell after we finished! :)
The pumpkins seeds are almost finished cooking and the pumpkins are all taken care of, finally!
The garage is rearranged and partially swept out- got that snowblower up to the front!
Thankful that there is only one more day of school this week!!!
Thankful that David is having a great time in India- we are missing him a bit here though.
Thankful for children going to bed, a quiet house, a soak in the tub...
Thankful for life!

Lori said...

Great list!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot to comment on the cutest little girl of yours in that first picture...Oh my goodness!!! She is gorgeous!!! Makes it hard to discipline sometimes, doesn't it?? :-)