Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Glad Game

Once again, I'm home from church with a sickie.
Seems to be my fate as a mother.

Not that I'm complaining. The quiet is nice. Although it's only quiet because he's REALLY sick.

Any ideas for getting vomit out of carpet?

OK. Enough of that. You get the general idea.

So how about a round of the Glad Game, Polyanna style?

~ I'm glad that so far I only have one child that has thrown up.

~ I'm glad that the Coach's team won WEEK TWO of the state playoffs last night. Woo Hoo!

~ I'm glad that we have a family birthday party tonight. Hopefully both of our birthday kiddos can stay well and attend.

~ I'm glad I have an awesome chili recipe that I'm making to take for dinner. Yum!

~ I'm glad that we only have 1 1/2 days of school this week before Thanksgiving break.

~ I'm glad that the Coach's brother and sister-in-law and kids are coming for Thanksgiving.

~ I'm glad that I have a big washer, lots of bleach and Lysol. (sorry, I was determined not to go there)

~ I'm glad I made Puppy Chow and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins (one loaf of bread = 12 muffins) this weekend.

~ I'm glad the kids ate it all so I didn't have to.

~ I'm glad that I made THIS for my s-i-l's birthday. Isn't it great?

A cute basket, some Christmas tea towels, a recipe and ingredients. Now she can make some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, too!

~ I'm glad the Coach's football practice on Thanksgiving Day is in the morning.

~ I'm glad the Week 3 Playoff Game in on Saturday afternoon instead of night - Brrrrr.

~ I'm glad that I have a warm house, plenty of hot chocolate and cider, clean clothes, a somewhat clean house, hot showers, fun kids and the most amazing husband ever in the history of the world. In spite of the stomach virus.

Sorry. Got carried away.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy time with family this week. And eat an extra piece of pie for me, OK?


Jo said...

So sorry about your sickie. Hope everyone stays clear for this weekend. Go Troops Football!!!! How fun is that????
I had the same Glad Thought yesterday about a Washer! We're blessed aren't we? Thanks for your attitude of Praise. Good week to be glad on purpose!!!!

Lori said...

Happy Sunday friend! SOOOOOOO sorry about the sick kid. With vomit. SOOOOOO sorry. Ugh.

Yeah about the football team!!! I'm so glad.

I truly appreciate that in the midst of throw up and chaos you are still tryin to be thankful and have a good attitude! :)

Love ya friend!

Hilary said...

Awww...I hate it when kiddos are sick...especially with the pukes. Poor babies :-(

I'm grateful for your positive attitude among the sickness!

Zimms Zoo said...

Hahahah HOHOHOHOH hehehehehe. OH that is the sound of me laughing because that is the reason we pulled up the carpet in our house. Not that I am laughing at you by any means, sick vomitting children are no fun for them or you. I am merely laughing with you at the joys that motherhood brings.

Great idea for the basket. I have done things like that a few times, because sometimes it is the best gift ever. Are you bringing that wonderful stuff in a couple of weeks to our house? Tempt me with it all!!

Laura said...

Sorry you had a sick one. Hope it's the only sick one! :-) Way to go CHA! How exciting!!