Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday at the Troops

Happy Monday, All!

The cobwebs have taken over the "writing" section of my brain.
Wait a minute. . . yep. . . still there.  Oh well.

Spring Break was truly delightful!

Quick overview:

March family party for three
Our sixth turned SIX!
American Girl Doll from Grandmother and Granddad and has played with it ever since!
The Coach and the older kids annual camping trip (three days, two nights, three dads and 15 kids)
A finished sprinkler system in the back yard (that Coach, he's amazing!)
New grass seed all around
Cleaned out flower beds
Fresh paint in the boy's room
. . .along with rearranging and organizing, too!
Books started AND finished - so nice
School projects completed
Hair cuts for all five "men"
. . . and a clean house.

Along with plans to celebrate Little Man's SECOND birthday tomorrow!

(Hang on while I pick myself up off the floor.  He's my baby, you know.)

We had a great week, lots of FUN time together, lots of projects taken care of, lots of old movies watched and ice cream eaten - couldn't have been better!

Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break, too!

OH - and Daughter (#2) is now without her arm cast!  YEAH!  (She's WAY happy about it.  But asked me not to post pictures.  Phooey!)

Dinner is in the oven, kids are playing outside or doing homework.  Cake is baked for tomorrow and thunderstorms and tornadoes are expected tonight.

That's about all that's going on here.  What are YOU up to today?


The Anderson Zoo said...

Seriously amazing!!!!!!! My list is getting longer but for some reason the days are not getting longer. By the time I get the kids in bed I am ready to go to bed as well. Maybe I can cross one thing off my list this week.

Let's see...what am I up to today? I've been sick so I have been pretty lazy. Tomorrow is a new day :)

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

Just trying not to get blown away today. I really wanted to tackle the weeds that took over my flower beds while we were in CO for Spring Break... but, the wind discouraged me!!
Maybe tomorrow :)

Cindy said...

Sounds fun! Every week is like Spring Break around here.....except Spring Break! That is when all the parks, library, stores, etc. are full of people who are on Spring Break! LOL! I'm glad you had a good time. I can't believe your baby is turning two!!! I still have some of his preemie clothes (all the ones you loaned me). Let me know if/when you need them back. I certainly don't need them anymore, at least not right now, since my baby will be two in June!

Anonymous said...

My, makes me wish that Spring Break was here! I have to wait a few more weeks. Today we sent off my little sister to Oregon. A little sad around here this morning. Baked some rolls for a funeral tommorrow, school, laundry, supper. Hubby dug up the septic tank covers, hopefully when they get cleaned out tommorrow we will not hear any more glug, glug, gluggling in the drains anymore!
Life is just chugging along! Happy Monday to you as well, friend!

Jo said...

We're in the middle of "death week" with passion play practices at our church. Isn't that a nice name? Not to mention track practices, scouts, violin and 8 wks left of school. I need a spring break!!! So glad to hear from you! You are missed!!!!

Jen S said...

Well, I just wrote on your wall on FB, but decided to come see what you have been up to. WOW! Sounds like a great Spring Break. We haven't had ours yet, but we are busy, busy, busy. Thankfully, Kent's 6 week trial in L.A. is finally over! We are looking forward to our Spring Break the week after Easter. We are actually taking the kids out of school a few days early and taking them to Washington, D.C. Then we are going on to South Carolina for a reunion with Kent's parents and sisters for his parents 40th wedding anniversary. Lots to do to get ready for that!

Zimms Zoo said...

So did you sit down and do nothing? You were way busy, but it is always nice to have those things finished.

BTW I tried the bean soup and the kids ate all of it and asked for more. There wasn't any left when ZK came home. That is what I get for making fun of it in your post. THe Lord teaches us lessons doesn't he.

I can't believe your baby is 2! He is so cute.