Friday, March 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday. On Friday.

I seem to be getting into some awful habits here at Mrs. Troop.

Like not posting.
For days.
I have ideas.

Mostly at night when I'm trying to sleep and the kid's coughing keeps me awake.

But in the morning when I'm bleary-eyed and faced with another overwhelming day?


Can't remember a thing.
But there are always things to be thankful for, right?

And as I sit here waiting to see what will happen in the Spring Snow Storm of '09

. . .and Coach is bringing home the kids

. . .it seemed like a good time to take a stab at it.

Except I haven't done the breakfast dishes, yet.

And it's 4:30 in the afternoon.

Or folded today's two loads of laundry.

Or started the Tortilla Soup for tonight's dinner.

(thunder rumbles in the distance)

Know what I'm grateful for this week?
That God's mercies are new every morning.
That even though I'm not the best mom (or sometimes even a GOOD mom), He still offers the grace I need to obey Him and love on my kids.
That I have a faithful husband. Who may (on occasion) tire of my neediness (although he'd never admit it), but loves me, still. Thank you, Jesus!
That I have wonderful, amazing, smart, talented kids (they didn't get it from me!).
That Summer is coming. And fast. Because we're tired here.
That my Aunt from CA is here for a visit. (smile)
That we don't have any plans for tonight during the snowstorm. Except soup. And maybe some popcorn and hot chocolate during the OU basketball game.
That Little Man's pink eye is cleared up. Even if he did have the worst day of it on his BIRTHDAY, Tuesday. (I promise I'll post pictures. Promise. You won't believe how bad his eyes were. Seriously.)
That he weighed 26 pounds at his 2 year check up, yesterday. We've taken to calling him the "Thin Man"
That you can watch "Instant Play" movies on Netflix for free (if you subscribe) on rainy afternoons.
That they have "Holiday" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.
That even though I plan to stop drinking Diet DP in the near future - I haven't, yet.
That there is gas in the car.
Food in the pantry and fridge.
Clean laundry (yet to be folded).
A warm house, in spite of the cold rain falling outside.

And you know what? I'm thankful that Spring WILL come. It will. I've felt like we've been teased something awful and then thrown back into Winter. But it won't last. It will be warm, again. The kids will play outside, again. Someday soon.

And OH OH - the Coach's grass is coming up in the last part of our yard we've been working on. Very exciting.

See? My attitude is changing, already. Works every time.

Blessings on each of you - my blogging friends - may you have a weekend filled with precious times together as a family. Warm. Safe. Filled with the Love of Christ.

Happy Friday!


Lori said...

Happy Thankful Thursday Friday! Love you list! I can't believe you all are supposed to get a snow storm! Crazy! It's supposed to be pretty cold here too but I don't think we are getting any snow. Stay warm friend!

Lori said...

um, that would be "your list" :)

Brooke said...

"Thin Man" huh? I had to laugh at that. My youngest is 20 months old and didn't hit 20 lbs until her 18 month checkup!! I'm guessing she might be 22 lbs on her 2nd birthday :) My almost 4 year old only weighs 30 lbs... Skinny kids!! They don't get that from my side of the family, lol!!

Anonymous said...

God is good. Redirecting thoughts, focusing my mind... seems like a daily thing around here as well. Seems so busy, things are always happening, things always need to get completed, we are a car short...
Thank you God that your mercies are new every morning!

We are to get some snow/rain on Sunday, but nothing compared to your "Winter/Srping storm" there.
Have a great weekend!

Corrie said...

I love the pictures! Haven't talked to mom since yesterday but I hope you all didn't get buried by too much snow!

Miss you all!

Michelle said...

Oh no!! Pink eye?!?! Did Scout have it too? I was thinking about you all as I drifted off to sleep this morning...its been too long since I've seen you guys again :(.