Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday, All! I'm so grateful that it's Thursday, this week. Seems to have been a long one, here at the Troops. Not sure why. Just long.

These daffodils are from my yard - aren't they pretty? I brought them inside so we could enjoy them all day long.

I realize that I'm strange, but did anyone else dream a lot, when you were young, about what life would be like? I did! I remember picturing a certain kind of house, a certain number of kids (at one point it was 14!), visions of a life that I hoped for.

And those of us who aren't so very young, anymore, know that life isn't exactly what we maybe dreamed of or planned.

But that's where I am incredibly blessed.

Because it's BETTER than I could have imagined.

I wouldn't have chosen the hard things. But they've made us stronger. And I wouldn't have chosen the struggles, but they've given the Coach and I a closeness we never would have had, otherwise.

And I'm sure as we continue this journey together as a family that there will be more things we don't expect.

But I know it will be more than I can dream of right now.

So. . .

Today I'm thankful that His ways are not our ways.

His thoughts not our thoughts.

Harder, yes.

Unexpected, absolutely.

But higher. And greater. And deeper. And more wonderful than we can imagine.

I think I've learned (at least in part) that it's not about the house or the picture-perfect life. Not about how many kids you have or how much money you make.

Someday, in heaven, I hope I can look back on this earthly life. . . and see it for what it is.

All for His glory.


Jo said...

This is beautiful friend. Life gets so busy and fast sometimes that I forget how truly wonderfully blessed I am to share it with the people in my life and family and how privileged we are to live in such a day to point others to Christ. Thanks for the good reminder. Love you.

Lori said...

I am so jealous of your daffodils! I had like 500 in OK and left them when we moved to GA (had to make a choice and the daylillies were the priority). I now have none. I'm so sad. Must. Get. More. Daffodils. Yours are so beautiful. Come to think of it... those look just like mine! :)

And, what a reflective post! Very nice. So true that things aren't what I thought but so much better and that the hard times make me appreciate the easy times even more.

Happy Thursday friend!

The Merrell's said...

I love your post! So encouraging and such a good reminder!

The Grovers said...

Thank you for continuing to be such a great example for me as my wise, older (by just a tiny little bit) cousin! I've now got my mom reading your blog too! Even though we don't get to talk over an annual lunch at the Country Cottage, we are grateful to stay in touch this way! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful thoughts. Wonderful flowers, wish something was poking up around here... will have to wait a bit longer!

Zimms Zoo said...

Those are wonderful thoughts. Way to put things in perspective again.

Love the daffodils. Those are gorgeous!!

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

I thought of this verse when I read your post:

Romans 5:3&4
"We can rejoice , too, when we run into problems and trials (I call those platforms), for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation."

Without these platforms, we wouldn't grow!

Lori said...

I miss your fabulous Friday favorites!

Jeff said...

Thank you! What an encouraging reminder. You know, these are some of the same things I have been thinking about. I have been wondering, "When will all the dramas end and life will just get back to normal." Well, this is normal. This is God's perfect plan.
As we face the expectation of my Grandfather dying soon, what a blessing to know his feelings. When my dad told him that it looks like he is at the end, he raised his hands and said, "Praise the Lord!" Its all his perfect plan!
You just have such a way with words!