Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday at the troops

Daughter (#5) home from school coughing.
Son (#3) at school, sporting a new "splint".
(He broke his arm Friday night.)
Daughter (#6) at school with a badly burned thumb.
(yes, we seem unusually accident prone here, lately)
Laundry caught up.
Dinner started.
BIG HOLE in dining room wall for soon coming custom made built in hutch from my daddy.
Lists made for the week.
Son (#4)'s birthday on Friday.
No school on Friday.
Two doctor's appointments (Broken arm and Little Man's ears) this week.
Little man down for his nap.
Girls down for rest time.
I'm joining them, now.
Happy Monday, Friends!
Thank you for your prayers, your love, your encouragement.


Jo said...

There's hardly anything better than mid-day Monday feeling caught up from the weekend. Enjoy your nap!!! Love you.

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

now i'm tired

Zimms Zoo said...

you sound like we did for awhile. I decided I needed a parking spot with my name on it, we had been there so much.

I hope everyone gets better.

The Grovers said...

It all makes ONE little girl's ear infection sound very, very small! I love how your blog gives me perspective AND encouragement! I hope you got some rest! :)

Anonymous said...

How organized you sound! Good for you! This is Spring Break here this week, and we are truly taking a break. The rest is written in the blog, but your schedule looks organized and busy from my perspective this week! Have a great week none the less. Looking forward to seeing what appears in the BIG HOLE in the wall! You do seem to have your more than fair share of broken and hurting things over there! Praying for you friend!

Lori said...

What a weekend you have had. And Monday sounded crazy too! But caught up on laundry... WOW! I only have 3 kids and struggle to get all caught up. Hope you have a great day!