Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We LOVE company here at the troops. LOVE it.

Well, I mean I love it. The Coach? He tolerates it rather well. After the company is gone, he's always glad they came. So, see? He loves it, too!

Last night a friend of the Coach's from college came to visit with his wife. They are newlyweds - married about two weeks ago.

First of all, let me say, kudos to them for being brave enough to come stay overnight with us. I mean, newlyweds? They actually KNEW we have eight kids, too!

We had a delightful time. Fun to finally meet this person the Coach has told me about. Fun to meet his new bride - she was really wonderful!

However, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they left.

Why, you ask?

Well, normally our company comes toting kids. When one HAS kids, one tends to be more tolerant of kids. Understands more what it's like to LIVE with kids. You know!

I so wanted this to be a pleasant and restful visit for them.

Did I just say pleasant and restful in describing our house?

Which would be why I held my breath just a bit while they were here.

Would someone burp loudly at the breakfast table? Run through the playroom without clothes on? Holler from the bathroom, "I NEED TO BE WIPED!"? Sleepwalk in the night and confuse another room with the bathroom? Wet the bed? Or (heaven forbid) GET SICK?

I certainly didn't want them to walk out the front door, look at each other knowingly and agree right then and there not to become parents. Ever. My front porch already has enough history without being responsible for that!

Instead, we really did have a pleasant time. The kids were (as I know they can be) delightful, friendly and relatively well behaved. I didn't hear a loud burp the whole time they were here!

That, my friends is amazing.

They were enjoyable company, as well. Happy to take an interest in the kids, hold Little Man (he makes friends SO easily) and seemed to really enjoy being here.

So, if you're ever in the area and want to stop by, please do! We would LOVE it! I'll even make some homemade cinnamon rolls in your honor.

But please, oh PLEASE excuse us for being a real live family with eight kids. And if you could burp at the breakfast table? That would make me feel much better.

Happy Wednesday!


Lori said...

You're funny. :) Love the post. You know I feel the same way! Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I would truly love to stop by and visit... I am absolutely sure that someone or ones could burp, maybe even a contest or two! :) Glad you had a great time and got to meet new people. I am sure that with parents like your children have, anyone leaving there would see that their children were a blessing and would want to follow in your shoes!

Jo said...

just let out a good rolling rumble in your honor. Oh how we would love a visit. i wish I could bottle up a little of your girls to bring home and spread around in the air like febreeze. :)

Brooke said...

We'll be in town the first 2 weeks in July!! But we don't need a place to sleep :) I'd love to come see you and your children though!!

Lori said...

Did I mention that I love your homemade cinnamon rolls?

Mrs. Troop said...

Brooke - we'd LOVE a visit! How long has it been? :-)
Lori - I'll make cinnamon rolls for all of you if you'll come. Ha!
And Jo - that picture was before church. They don't smell so good on the average day! But they are awfully cute!

Judy said...

What is the history of your front porch?