Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime. . . and the living is. . . busy.

Happy Wednesday!

I MISS reading all of YOUR blogs! I haven't really earned any blog reading time, lately. The house is mess. Vacation is looming. We are just too busy having fun!

Today, Perler Beads. They are worth the mess. At least when I'm in a good mood!

We've also been enjoying our "Smore Maker". This was before it got blazing hot. Doesn't even sound good, now!

Here we are on my birthday. We had such a fun time! The Coach and our oldest were at a basketball game - they came back after dinner. I made this for dessert. Yum!

And although this deserves a post all it's own, Little Man has now perfected the skill of climbing OUT of his crib. It hasn't really been a problem. So far. One night last week, though, when Daughter (#2) went to bed (they share a room), she found him here.

In HER bed! With his shoes on over his jammies. Ha!

With the temps in the 100's, we are happy to be leaving on vacation, shortly. Colorado here we come!

Well, that's all of the time I have today. The kids headed out into the heat to play basketball. At least our court is in the shade. Probably only 102 instead of 120. Ha! Better get the cold lemonade and cookies ready.

Happy Summertime, Friends!


Jo said...

Have fun in Colorado. Should be beautiful!!! Happy Summer to ya.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like summer! Busy but fun. Sometimes I wonder how we fit school in, somehow it just works in the fall! :) Have a great vacation!

Zimms Zoo said...

Sound like so much fun!! Hopefully we will see you guys before summer is over.

Hilary said...

Have a great time in Colorado! We are headed-up there in a few weeks to Evergreen :-)