Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can you say delinquent?

Yes, I see you can.

I know. Not a lot of blogging going on. I'm so sorry. Really I am. And I miss it. Really I do.

But WHERE to find the time?

Here's a bit of our Breckenridge-Coach's-ENTIRE-Family-Vacation to tide you over. Believe it or not, no one got sick or hurt (at least in our little troop). THAT, my friends, is a miracle. Remember last year? For that matter, I remember every year for the last 10 that we've taken this trip. Ha!

And maybe things will soon settle down a bit and we can catch up.

For now, I'm cleaning out the house, so there is a great chance I won't ever come out, again. Your prayers are appreciated. We already have seven trash bags in the garage for donation. Ugh.  I even have steroids to keep me going, after a trip to the Allergy Clinic for testing today and arms bloated up like fire hydrants.  Except hotter.

Happy Wednesday!

First morning - Family picture (our troops are wearing brown)

Second morning - Family Olympics - Dodge Ball
(I shouldn't mention this, but I lasted quite a while - until my own sweet Coach got me out.  Still can't believe it.  I did forgive him.  Eventually.)

Everyone was divided into four teams - and we did three rounds of games.  Fun!  I have absolutely no clue what team ended up winning the week.  Didn't really matter (and I admit I missed a few competitions while watching Little Man and other little ones).

Fourth morning - Grandkids hike with Papa

July 4th morning - bit of history teaching on the Constitution.  Wish every family in America could have heard it.

Watching the Breckenridge Parade with a few of the kiddos.

More to come (if I make it through the "Great Stuff Reducing Project of '09", that is)!


Lori said...

LOVE the pictures! Glad you had a great time and everyone was healthy! Hope YOU get to feeling better soon. And get some sleep. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very fun time with family! Cleaning up... still to get there this summer! :) Praying you are feeling better soon friend!

stacey said...

Colorado is always a good idea! Looks like a great trip. I love the "Family Olympics"! That's great!

Sumer said...

Glad you are back, sweet friend. I prayed for Little Man, thankful he did so well! Enjoy your project . . . we are doing that as well. I have 2 sacks for you, will call later.