Friday, August 15, 2008

If ONLY it were legal

Been fighting a sinus infection for three weeks.
Thought I could knock it on my own.
Coach told me to go to the Urgent Care today.

So, I went. Dragging children behind me (because he's out of town, of course).

Sure enough, sinus infection (duh).
Treatment: Steroid Injection and 2 weeks of antibiotics. It's a nasty one, for sure.

After dinner I started feeling better.

First off, I started cleaning and organizing my boy's room (they are out of town with the Coach).
Here's what was UNDER the bunk bed.

I know.

Washed all of their sheets, blankets and mattress pads.
Pulled out all of the furniture and cleaned behind it.
Straightened the closet.
Dusted and vacuumed.

Then, I scrubbed the boy's bathroom and washed all of the towels and mats.

Cleaned out the girl's bathroom cabinet.

Vacuumed the living room and playroom.

Folded and put away four loads of laundry.

Watched the American girls win Gold and Silver in Gymnastics.

Rehung a shelf, a picture and a calendar in the boy's room after removing countless posters and car pictures. Washed their window.

Cleaned out the dog's water bowl and kiddie pool and refilled.

Washed the kitchen window, sunroom door and mirror in the living room.

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, adding all of the toothbrushes and holders from the kid's bathrooms.

Killed all of the mold in the girl's shower.

Cleaned out under the kitchen sink.

Sprayed Febreeze on the boy's mattresses.

Washed the towels that were piled in the garage from the last fort in the back yard.

Made a huge pile of stuff to put in the attic.

Cleaned off the hooks by the backdoor, put away three old backpacks and hung countless jackets and sweaters back in their own closets.

Mopped part of the kitchen floor that was sticky.

Ate ice cream.

Hung the new school calendar and added all of the dates from my PDA.

Read a Grace Livingston Hill book for an hour,then decided NO WAY was I going to be able to sleep.

Entered all of the receipts on the computer and balanced two bank accounts.

Rechecked all of the Library books online and made a pile to return.

. . . and here we are. 3:00 AM and I'm trying to think what else I can get done without waking the kids.
There's the mending, but Daughter (#2) is asleep in my bed, and that would probably irritate her.
I could mop the rest of the kitchen floor.
Or maybe read some more of my book.
I need to straighten the garage and put that stuff in the attic. It would be nice and cool right now.
And the sunroom is a MESS.
OH - the dryer has stopped. I'm off to fold.
I'm thinking that if I could get one of these shots every couple of weeks, I could get TOTALLY caught up around the house.


Mrs. M said...

Goodness! I'm tired READING! I think I need one of those shots too with school just around the corner! Way too much to do, no time to do it.

Sheryl said...

Okay, after spending over 8 hours in the ER that even makes me more tired than I already am. I am taking notes also.

The Anderson Zoo said...

Oh my goodness. I am exhausted and I have not even begun to work on my house yet. Where can I get one of those shots. I'm going to have to come to your house and "catch" what you have got. Just kidding :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Jo said...

Send name of shot stop. Send short list of symptoms necessary to receive said shot. Stop. P.S. Are you sure you're not pregnant? :)

Corrie said...

Oh my word. Karen! I'm so sorry about the infection, but glad Troop sent you to get it checked. :-) Wish I could be there - it's kinda lonely at my house these days, I would love to spend some of them with you!

Carla said...

Are you sure that they only gave you a steroid injection?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I was already thinking about half way through that there is no way I could do that much in one day, and the list kept going! Good job! So did you ignore your kids all day then, or did they help you? LOL! Hey, if you get caught up and still have lots of energy, come on over here. I'll keep you busy for a year!!!!

Laura said...

I tell ya - it makes you want to go in and ask for one every couple of weeks! It almost makes getting a sinus infection worth it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a week and what a flurry of activity! It makes me tired just thinking of it! I have a chest cold and cough, I wish it would go away, but doubt they would give me one of those super shots to get all the work done that has been put aside! Sure glad that the children have helped me limp by... but that sounds a little more fun, getting the whole thing done in one night!! :) Praying you are feeling better, and stay that way!

Lori Leigh said...

OH. MY. HEAVENS. You are cracking me up. I'm SO SORRY you've been so sick. And I'm SO GLAD you went to the clinic to get a shot and medicine. And I am also always amazed by what is under the bunk beds in our house! I can' believe you cleaned like a mad woman. I really could use some of that energy about now. :)

bethany said...

Steroids, eh? Is that the secret to cleanliness that i've been looking for? LOL