Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Moments

We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics. (Don't get me started on China, but I just block that out while we watch the USA compete.)

Not the best timing, with school starting and televised coverage going on late into the night.

But fun, nonetheless. None of kids are old enough to remember watching four years ago, so it's all been new to them. And the Coach and I have lost so much sleep since then that we don't really remember, either.

Some of our favorites have been swimming (of course), diving and track events. The Coach is from a very athletic family, so we especially enjoy the running.

We were watching the men's relay a couple of days ago, and Son #4 said,

"WHY are they carrying popsicles?"

Happy Saturday!


Jen S said...

That is funny! We have hardly watched any of the Olympics because Kent was so disappointed they chose China. But, I won't get you started. ;)

Where do you get your fun pictures and are they free to use??

Anonymous said...

How funny. I can totally see Jonathan saying that! LOL!

Zimms Zoo said...

That was cute! It took me a minute to get it.

Of course the girls wanted to watch the gymnastics. We also watched the running events and that guy from Jamaica (the one that one the golds) was starting to get on my nerves. The girls also wanted to watch the women's hurdles because apparently Lolo Jones was the big hype. Too bad she lost.

Lori Leigh said...

That is so funny. We didn't get to watch the first week with the gymnastics and everything because we were enroute to Texas and we had no tv for several days. We have enjoyed watching the track and field events and I LOVED the synchronized swimming!

Corrie said...

LOL. That's great! :-D It was SO fun to talk to you today - sure made the morning go by fast and now it's only 4 hours till Peter comes home!!