Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Short Tour

(or alternate title - How many types of flooring can you have in one house?)

Here is where the play shoes belong at our house.
We have two of these.

Notice that it's empty.

And now, let's walk through the house.

Just keepin' it real.

Happy Wednesday!


The Anderson Zoo said...

that is too funny!!!!! looks like my house but unfortunately, my shoes are usually right there on the floor with everyone elses.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I sooo know what you mean...although, not quite as many feet in our house....same "issue" though.
Today my "issue" is the dirty clothes baskets....they are always empty for some reason......that is because NOBODY can seem to throw their clothes INTO the basket....just in a nice pile..BESIDE the basket!!! I am sure if I moved the basket to where the pile is...the pile would just move again!!! UGHH.....we try ...we try....don't we? One day we will miss the piles and the shoes!! :-) Thanks for REAL LIFE pictures!

Mrs. M said...

Too Funny!!! BTW you are missing one tennis shoe & a small tennis shoe! :-)

Jen S said...

That is HILARIOUS and SO TRUE in my house too! This really made me laugh! We have a place for shoes too and it's amazing how many of the shoes get put right NEXT to the shoe cubbies, but not IN the shoe cubbies (including MY shoes!). And then there are those whose shoes are strewn all over the place, but I won't name any names! :)

Jo said...

Love it!!!! Whos the pretty kitty? You've got lots of flops too.

Corrie said...

lol! I've been marveling at how the 2 of us at my house manage to get our shoes spread everywhere. Peter's pretty well trained to take his shoes off at the door so his just pile up - mine get strewn everywhere! :P

mom2camo said...

Funny! Question for you...are any of those shoes yours?? Just askin'.

Mrs. Troop said...

Let's see -
Mrs. M - I the other two tennis shoes were there - but there was too much mess around them for a picture. And I was too lazy to "stage" the photos. :-)
And the kitty, Jo? That's Son's (#4)- Grandmother brought it for him to wrestle with - it's HUGE! But the boys won't have it in their room because it freaks them out at night - so it's in the playroom.
And mom2camo - TWO of those pairs are mine. You can tell because of the HUGE size - although Daughter (#2) is catching up. :-)
But OH how I will miss the flip flops when school starts. Socks and shoes wear me out! HA! If everyone just wears one pair per day (which is unlikely) that's 20 socks to wash every night. AARRGH!

mom2camo said...

Just had to ask!! I had to make sure I was not the only mom who didn't put her shoes in the right place!! Thanks for being honest!! :)l

Anonymous said...

This just cracked me up! We are always late everywhere we go because of SHOES!!!!!!!

Lori Leigh said...

This is so funny because I can so relate. I'm not for sure where all our shoes come from because there are just 5 of us but it seems like there are never where they are supposed to be.