Saturday, August 16, 2008

Makeover #2 - the beginning

Back in June, I told you about some projects we were working on here at the Troops.

One of them, changing a kitchen cabinet.
We finished it back then.
But in order to have pictures for you, the kitchen needed to be clean.

Which just doesn't happen around here.
At least not for more than a few minutes at a time.
SO - in my drug induces craziness on Thursday and Friday, the kitchen was actually WAY clean!
Our goal was to open up the kitchen and make it easier for buffet serving when we have guests.
And I wanted the light from outside and to be able to see the kids playing in the back yard.

We love it!
Here's before:

And here's the new and improved:

None of the mess and work resulted in the removal of the lime green laminate counter tops OR the disgusting 80's wallpaper.
Another project for another day.

We're enjoying it SO much! Thanks for letting me share~

Happy Saturday!!


Anonymous said...

Such a neat kitchen! The makover looks wonderful! Hope you are still feeling well and that you recover fully!

mom2camo said...

I love how that opens it up!! And I know how much work that is!! Good job!

Judy said...

I spent an afternoon cleaning storage drawers / cabinets, including a bunch of Christmas cards. Found one from your mother and enjoyed seeing all of you. Have always LUVED your children's names - there were 6 on this card. :-)

Lori Leigh said...

It looks wonderful! And I think I heard someone say that lime green was actually coming back in style. :)