Thursday, July 30, 2009

A first time for everything

Life is full of so many firsts.

Wouldn't you agree?

When you are young, that's all there is!

Then there is marriage - boy THAT has a lot of firsts!

Then the first baby. Talk about a steep learning curve!

The Coach and I had been married about three or four months when we found out our first child was on the way. We were thrilled. At least until I started throwing up.

Even so, I was optimistic. After all, it would get better after 12-14 weeks, right?

It didn't.

There were a lot of firsts that Summer and Fall. The Coach and I still newlyweds. Thrown into "survival" with the midwives trying everything possible to keep me from losing more weight (I miss those days! Ha!).

There is something so humbling about throwing up in front of your new husband (and I didn't know him well to begin with) all day long. Yuck.

Eventually I developed high blood pressure and was put on partial bed rest. Fortunately it didn't last long.

Two weeks before my due date (I was due the week before our first anniversary), I woke up in labor. In childbirth classes, they tell you to relax, get things ready, expect it to take awhile.

It didn't.

The Coach went on to school to drop of the stuff for his subs. I panicked and tried not to hold my breath until he got back.

Two hours later we had our first son.

5 lbs, 8 oz. of tiny perfect little boy. We were overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Then all of the firsts of parenting started. Wasn't as easy as we had hoped. Ha! But he was a sweet baby, in spite of my rigid schedule and inflexibility in his routine. He survived.

We celebrated our first anniversary with an almost three week old.

There were many more babies to come (and plenty of throwing up - ha!). But no more firsts. Many more anniversaries, but the numbers have only added up.

Today we had a first of what I hope will be MANY more.
We sent Son #1 off on his first mission trip.
Without us.
To Africa.
For 16 days.

One of our greatest desires from the day he was born - and for all our children - is that they would have a heart for missions. That they would long to tell others about Jesus. Here at home and around the world. I think we'd be the happiest parents in the world if some or all of them end up on the mission field.

But there has to be a first. A first time to see real need. A first time to be in a culture where Christ is unknown and hope is non-existent.

This is it.

In all fairness, although we aren't with him, his grandparents are. He'll be safe and cared for. Watched over and guided. I'm so grateful that they have the same heart for others that we hope to instill in our kids and have made it possible for Son #1 to go. Wow.

Can't wait to hear all the stories. I have a feeling he'll have a lot of firsts to tell us about.


Jen S said...

Awesome post, Karen! How exciting for your son and you and your hubby look sooooo proud! What a great example your oldest son is for his younger siblings, too! May God bless him and keep him while he is away.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! How neat, the memories, the present. Thanks for sharing in your special way. Praying for this trip, for you while he is away.

Paddy said...

what a sweet post--- I love how you open your heart and just share what you feel---so open and honest---am still continuing to pray for you, hubby and son & the entire mission team. What an exciting time! (You really will make it!) God is soooo good! Praise His Name! Am already anxious to hear the stories!

Judy said...

Loved reading about some of your firsts. You have many firsts left as in first wedding, first grandchild and more....
Wow! I can see his grandparents in his face!

jenni said...

How awesome is that?? Very, very. Can't wait to hear the stories too!

Sumer said...

Oh how sweet Karen. God is so good. You look beautiful in the picture.

Sumer said...
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Shayne said...

where does the time go??? and you look much too young to have a son taller than you!!

sweet. sweet post.

love & hugs.


ps. check out the giveaway over on my site and get entered! it's good stuff if I do say so myself!! ;)