Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

What a week.

Daughter (#6) finally made it back to school, yesterday. The hives only lasted a few days, but a fever followed. She missed a whole week!

But before she went back to school she gave the virus to her sister, Daughter (#7). Who, in turn, gave it to me.

Yee haw.

I "only" ran a fever for three days. Nice. She's still running a fever, Little Man started on Tuesday and Son #4, this morning.

On the very day of our wonderful school's Fall Festival! I'm so sad for him.

But enough of that! It's Thursday!!

1. A wonderful family reunion with my dad's cousins on Saturday. What sweet memories! The kids had fun on the farm - riding horses (thanks, Cousin Glen!) playing with the puppies, swinging, climbing in the tree house. What an amazing Godly heritage we've been given. (Praying, too, that none of us were contagious while we were there! We got sick the very next day.)

2. All of my mother's wonderful help while I was sick. Dinner one day, lunch the next, picking up the kids THREE days for me. Taking Daughter (#2) to her hair cut. What a blessing!

3. Beautiful weather! How amazing to be able to open all of the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine in. Ahhhhh.

4. Daughter (#2) and Son's (#3) help making 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies, yesterday, for the Fall Festival Bake Sale. Go buy some! :-)

5. The last week of football. It's all over tomorrow night - hopefully on a good note. But over, none-the-less. Can't believe I survived my 15th football season with the Coach. Some years I haven't been so sure we would make it!

6. Life lessons. The self-sacrificing, thinking of others, pitching in to help without being asked kind. I would never chose to be sick, but I appreciate the opportunity that my kids have had to help out. Hard for me, hard for them, but good for all of us.

7. Two full nights of sleep. Sure does help. Even if it only happens when we bribe, I mean REWARD, our little girls for staying in THEIR room all night!

8. No school tomorrow. We need the extra time to recover from this week!

That's all of the energy I have for today. Still lots of cleaning and caring and "come sit with me mom" to be done here, today, with sick little ones.

Happy Thursday!


jo said...

oh friend, I'm so sorry you are ushering in fall with the sickies.Pray that's over for you soon. Isn't help just the best thing?
Glad you are getting your family back. Have a great weekend.

Hilary said...

Bless your heart! You are an amazing mom :)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have family help isn't it! We have had stuffy head and noses over here. Why do I always seem to catch the worst of it and keep it the longest!? Looking forward to the weekend and hubby being home! Eledest daughter flew to Oregon to be with her Aunt on Wednesday...missing her! :)

Lori said...

Hey friend! I am so sorry you are still sick! Praying for you and hoping you recover quickly and that the rest of your bunch doesn't get it! :)

Lori said...
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