Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday my kids came home from school singing the "Gratefulness Song" from school (Character First!). It's something about "When we all see, what we should see, all we would see, is the good we know that others do for us and show them all our gratefulness!"

Now I have it stuck in my head. But you know. . . it's true.

What are you "seeing" today? What you SHOULD see? What I see here:

1. Laundry getting caught up. For today.

2. Bathrooms wiped up. Not scrubbed, but clean enough.

3. Son #4 still home from school, but I think we are ALMOST there. Made it all day, yesterday, without fever, then started running one again, last night. Bummer.

4. A freshly dusted bedroom. The Coach thought he was in the wrong room last night! We could have been leaving each other notes on the dresser. In the dust. But it's clean, now!

5. Finishing up my z-pac today. I'm finally feeling better.

6. That the Son who has been sick the longest, is also the best sick kid ever. In the history of the world. Seriously. Not one complaint or request. This kids is TOUGH. A little bit of cabin fever going on, but he's doing great.

7. My sewing machine. Zig-zagging around some bath mats this morning and thinking about what a blessing that machine has been for the last 19 years. How much mending it has helped with, how many curtains, bedding, crafts and countless projects. So grateful.

8. Beautiful weather. Seriously. It's been amazing. The kids have built an entire hobo village in the woods that they have spent every daylight moment after school playing in. The Coach is tearing up our deck (which is in need of repairs) after school each day. It's sunny, cool, lovely. Little Man is all about jumping on the trampoline, digging in the dirt, playing in the ashes in the fire pit (yeah. THAT is fun to clean up) and running around after all of the big kids. Good times.

Blessings on each of you this Thursday morning! May the Lord fill you with knowledge of His power and wisdom. My you find new strength to trust Him and allow Him to guide your steps.

Happy Thursday!


Hilary said...

A refreshing post. Thank you for sharing :) It is nice to be on the blogging world again and to be encouraged by your entries... Thank you!

jo said...

Grateful for week two of nice weather here too; Sam's football has been so fun; and Thanksgiving is only weeks away. YEA!!!! Oh, and for a new swiffer.

Anonymous said...

I can smell my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread baking right now! Looking forward to trying some. We just used the Gratefulness song last night at Treasure Hunters. Great song to sing and remember! Hope this weekend finds you all healthy again!

Zimms Zoo said...

Thank you for this!

Lori said...

Happy Thursday friend!

Five Freddys said...

thanks for pulling me out of my sick/pregnant mommy slump - it's a great day!