Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Checking In

So many fun things to blog about in the last week or more. And no time to do it!

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Fun time with friends and family. Really enjoyed time with these friends. Some work done and rearranging in the house. Great day with the Coach's family on Thursday. More time with family over the weekend along with watching Bedlam and celebrating two birthdays (Son #1 turned 14 *oh-my-heavens-I'm-getting-old* and Daughter #5 turned eight). Good times.

Monday morning dawned on a relieved mom (to see the kids all back at school so I could get caught up around here! Ha!) and a sick girl (Daughter #7 with a fever), so we are back in survival mode once again. Missing basketball games, running errands in the afternoon when I have big kids home to help, skipping BSF and trying to single-handedly take down a two year old who has decided he's boss of the universe all of a sudden.
Although he is pretty sweet when he's sleeping - like here on his cousin's lap at Thanksgiving.

As tired as the troops are, we've made some great memories. The house is decorated for Christmas (because my big kids took it on as their project!), we are settling back in for the last few weeks of school before the break and I'm even getting Christmas shopping taken care of slowly but surely.

It's all good.

And here comes Little Man for the 555th time out of bed at naptime. I told you he thinks he's in charge, now. Better go remind him he's not.

Have a great week!


Zimms Zoo said...

Now you have to have us back to see your christmas decorations and i can spend all my time keeping the baby away from the tree.hehe!

We had a great time too! Thanks for making my grandma feel so special.

You know Little man is super cute! And Lioness thinks he is precious.

Amy said...

Hey, missed you at BSF today. Hope your girl is well soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is chugging along quite normally over there! I remember those days of returning children to bed over and over. I am working on helping everyone to like doing their school, a VERY hard lesson to learn for #5 son! Birthdays are fun, but they have a way of making me feel older too! (Even when it is not my birthday!)

Hilary said...

Busy, busy! Anxious for my kiddos to be old enough to do decorating and help around the house, but not anxious for them to grow-up at the same time ;)