Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Good Reminder. . .

I'll admit to having one of the most wonderful husbands in the world. Really. I consider myself so very blessed to be his helper. His love, faithfulness, consistency and kindness is a continual challenge to me. He's such an example of the character of Christ.

But it's easy to get my focus off of others (and being a good helper to my husband) and back onto myself. Ugh. What I need, what I want, what would help ME.

Reading through this book (for the fifth or sixth time now, I'll admit) always challenges me. I know the main reason is because it's full of God's Word to women. I need to be reminded of my role, my purpose and how blessed I am.

Thought I'd share something I read this morning. Hopefully it will challenge you be a better wife this week as you seek to be a good helper to your man.

"Traits of a Good Help Meet

1. She fears God.
2. She believes God's Word as it is written.
3. She considers her position as a help meet a privileged command.

Make a list for each day of the week.

Monday: Write three new things that you will add to your life that will cause you to become more precious to your husband.

Tuesday: List three things that you can do that will be a help to him.

Wednesday: Write down three things you can do that will be an encouragement to him.

Thursday: Jot down three things about your appearance that you can change, which he is sure to like.

Friday: List three things that you can do to your house that will please him.

Saturday: Write three things you can do that will make him feel like he is THE MAN.

Sunday: Plan three ways you can respond to him in front of others that will show a heart of respect and honor toward him."

from "Created to be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl, page 123

I don't know about you, but this list immediately brought a few things to mind that I'm not doing and should be doing.

Hope it challenges you, as well. I highly recommend this book. I read it every year or so and am constantly learning and growing from it's insight. You can read more about it and order it here. Or order it here, too. If you haven't read it, yet, just order it from SOMEWHERE, OK?

Happy Tuesday!


jo said...

I need to re-read that book as well. Thanks for the high-lights. I'll get to work.
Merry Christmas. Love you.

Hilary said...

Thanks for sharing this Karen :) I really need to read this book. Another friend of mine has mentioned it to me NUMEROUS times. I think I will buy this before we go to Nick's dad's for Christmas and spend some time reading!! Love you guys :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful ideas! I put the book on hold at the library, hopefully it comes in before we take off for Kansas- time for reading and thinking then! I have been praying about how to share with a lady who has expressed some feelings of marriage being not quite what she had hoped- I am going to pray about sharing this with her as I read the book. Sometimes getting our thoughts off of our own selves, ideas, wants, lets God have room to work not only in our lives, but also in our husbands. Thanks for sharing good book ideas!

Squirly Girls said...

I've been wanting to read this book for about 2 years. They talk about it in their magazine and it sounds so good. Thanks for the preview. It was wonderful.

Judy said...

There are so many troubled marriages, and even marriages that aren't necessarily 'troubled' but are a shadow of what they could be. Over the years I have spoken with so many young married women, some have ears to hear and some don't. Some see changes that could be made, and some want the husband to make the changes. And a few get tired of trying. Your comments made me look at my own wonderful husband. Even we who have been married a long, long time need to commit to not take for our life together for granted.

Mrs. Troop said...

Judy, I'm sure you could teach me a lot about marriage!
I truly want a glorious heavenly marriage with my Coach. Not just OK. Not just getting by and surviving, but loving and enjoying each other and a living example of Christ and His church.
No matter how good it is, there's always room to grow. And no matter how bad it is, there is always hope in Christ for something glorious. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder that there is always more I can do to show my husband how much I love and appreciate him!

Sumer said...

Great post, K! Thanks for the reminder ~ need to get my copy of Created out and dust it off! Sometimes surviving takes over and I forget to do the "little" things that make a marriage ~ great! Love you!

Lori said...

Great book! I also read it every year. Thanks for the list of questions. I need to go through those. Seems overwhelming but I also seem to get focused on myself. Or the baby. Ugh. Great post and so encouraging!