Friday, January 22, 2010

The Life of a Little Man (in pictures)

Little Man brings us so much joy. As he approaches his third birthday, I find myself thinking, "Will we ruin him completely?" Not that I don't train him. Or teach him.

But seriously? He's the baby. In a big way.

Everyone at the troops is hysterically funny in their own way. Mostly when it's just "us", of course. But Little Man? He takes the cake.

His vocabulary is amazing (nothing like having three sisters right ahead of you). He is always saying things that make us all roar with laughter.

He LOVES dirt, play dough, scissors, water, markers and anything else that will make a really big mess. I take pictures of these things. . . but few of them have made it onto the blog. So here's to catching up!

First of all. . . yesterday. . . in the dirt:

A BIG thanks to the Coach for taking out part of the deck and leaving it this way all Winter. Woo hoo! The carpet will never be the same.

And then. . . working backwards, here. . . because it's easier. . . the day I poked Little Man in the eye while trying to take his hand at Chick-fil-A:

Just so you won't worry. He's fine.

Then you have, "Take my picture while I act goofy." Fortunately, there are seven kids who are happy to do just that:

And unlike my other seven, he's subjected to missing nap time all too frequently. We are out and about so much more than when my big kids were this age. Which means I have dozens of pictures of him falling asleep in odd places. Or not so odd:

Even on a "regular" day when we are getting kids out the door, he's always happy to provide a bit of comedy relief for the other troops. Fortunately, I am styling in a blue t-shirt and dark green fleece top. Did I mention this is at about 6:30 in the morning?

And I mentioned his love for play dough, right? Well. . . here's the oldest picture in the collection. Notice the much missed DECK (covering the DIRT) and the falling leaves. And the strange coloring of the play dough. Don't ask.

All of this reflection has made me realize something. We will definitely ruin him. For sure. (I just realized the shirt he had on in the photo above is one that is now cut in various places - the scissors, remember?).

The one thing he won't ever doubt? How much all of our troops love him. And maybe, just maybe. . . with a good dose of counseling. . . he'll come to realize that he isn't the center of the universe. Well, at least not outside of this house.

Happy Friday!


Squirly Girls said...

So cute! Looks like he keeps you laughing.

Leah Belle said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this post! Those boys sure do steal their momma's hearts don't they? I wrote a post similar to this last just waiting for the time to upload the pics before I hit the publish button!

Pascha said...

Karen, he looks so much like Dawson in so many of those pictures!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I think I have similar pictures of Christopher and dirt, with the porch being gone!:) Christopher is almost 8 and still does these interesting things- somehow he always makes it look like it is a good thing that he has made this big mess- look what he has accomplished or learned from this!:) Or perhaps it is because he is the youngest and my standards have changed a bit, I have mellowed some... thanks for the smiles gained by reading your post today!

Lori said...

He is growing up TOO quick! What a handsome guy!

Corrie said...

NO! He can't possibly be almost 3. There's NO WAY!!

Jen S said...

What a sweetie!! As the baby of my own family of 7, I will tell you that I still like to think the world revolves around me (but I do know that it really doesn't).:-)