Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well. It's Thursday.

I'm here.

Not feeling very thankful.

I guess that's the point. Right? Right?

OK. So here goes:

1. Healthy kids. Thought Son #3's fever on Friday was a bad sign of things to come. Everyone has been just fine all week.

2. An injury free week of basketball for Son #1 and Daughter #2. And a FUN win for Son's team on Monday. Woo hoo!

3. God's protection for Little Man's eye when I poked it with my fingernail on Monday.

4. Our gracious optometrist who came TO OUR HOUSE and took care of Little Man.

5. The chance to work in the new baby-under-twos at BSF on Tuesday. What a joy!

6. The encouragement of friends. You know - the kind of friends who love you even when you fail at being a good friend to them. Or when you fail at being good at anything.

7. My mom. Love her. Appreciate her.

8. Lunch with my parents EVERY DAY this week. So far. And plans for tomorrow, too.

9. New under cabinet lights that my daddy put in. They look SO nice and lighten things up beautifully. Feels like a new kitchen! (I like the new outlets, too, Daddy!)

10. A new Bible Study with my sisters-in-law, taught by my mother-in-law. Really looking forward to more.

Waiting for the Coach to get home from the Last Jr. High game. Time to get the little ones in bed. Trying to work up the energy to do it. HA!

Blessings on your Thursday! Or on what's left of it!


Lori said...

Love your list. :) I need to start doing Thankful Thursdays again. It's a great thing to do.

Zimms Zoo said...

Your poor kids. Fevers are the worst in my opinion just because they make you feel so bad.

What is the Bible Study? Hilary and I are getting ready to do one together.

Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of days.