Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Really Great

Not every day here at the troops could qualify for "really great".
Most days don't.
Not to be "glass half empty" or anything, but it takes a lot of work to keep things rolling around here and our schedule? Could be classified as hectic. Or insanely crazy. Whichever you prefer.

Today was different, though.

~Started with sleeping in (kids out of school for parent teacher conferences) after a fun JV game last night in the cool Fall air. Son (#1) played the whole time, grandparents came, it was cool and clear outside - and I wasn't a bit worried about how late it went. It didn't matter!

~Continued with a BIG breakfast for the troops. Cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, fruit, juice, and hot chocolate. These things make them happy. Very happy. :-) (and I enjoyed the smell!)

~Unexpected visit from BFF Daisy Girl. Wow! Wish I could hug her neck every day of the week. But it was lovely to see her for a minute or two.

~Four miles with my Son (#4) and Daughter (#6) - she made it about 1 1/2 miles - on the most beautiful of mornings! And a faster time than I've had in awhile - 47:11. The leaves were falling, the breeze was blowing, and I got to visit with my boy. He was the lucky one on the bike, by the way.

~Lunch at Chick-fil-A with Granddad and Grandmother. Yummy salad. Lovely visiting. Delightful.

~Errands with seven of the kids. Don't do that very often - but we had FUN! Picked up things that were needed for Fall. Payless BOGO is wonderful, is it not?

Now we are home. Little Man is napping. Kids are finishing up some projects for school. The Coach and Son #1 had an early afternoon practice so will be home MUCH earlier than the usual Tuesday evening. Hamburgers are ready for the grill and did I mention. . .

What a beautiful Fall day!!

So, no. . . it's not always like this at our house.

But when it IS really great? We're sure going to enjoy it!

Happy Tuesday!


jo said...

I love your day. Enjoy that. I love that God gives us those simple pleasures we have learned to cherish so much. Hmmm hamburgers on the grill is sounding a lot better than what I had in mind. May have to make an excutive chef alteration for the evening.

jjbrown03 said...

Those are the kind of days that remind me why all the other days are worth it. :-)

amber said...

yes, i hear ya on these kinds of days being few and far between.. but somehow you can live on the happiness from them for weeks!! until the next one rolls round again. ;)

so neat to get a peek into your lives~ wish i could join you guys at chick-fil-a. would love to sit and chat.

wishing you another super day - - maybe it won't have all the same perks, but special in it's own special way nonetheless. :)


Daisy Girl said...

I was so glad we got to stop by! Even if just for a minute! You look GREAT by the way!