Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Busy week at the troops.

1. Son's (#4) broken finger is healing nicely. Woo hoo for front yard football!

2. Fun day with Daughter (#6) and her class celebrating Columbus Day on Monday. Pretty sure I've NEVER been a class parent helper. Ever. In 9 years. It was time.

3. Son's (#1) JV win on Monday. Fun to see him play. He even got "Bandit Team Player of the Week" this week. How fun is that?

4. Good BSF class on Tuesday. Really missed being there last week (even though I enjoyed the day with my kiddos). Love studying God's Word and learning from the other women there.

5. Taking treats to Daughter's (#7) class on Wednesday for her SIXTH birthday. Sweet little Kindergarten kids. And grateful that "elementary teacher" was not my calling in life. Those teachers are AMAZING!

6. Fun Play Group with moms and tots from our Sunday School class this morning. Coffee, conversation, funny kiddos. Enjoyed it!

7. Dinner tonight with all four grandparents for Daughter's (#7) birthday (a day late). Bacon Bowtie Pasta, Bread, Broccoli, Cupcakes (she asked for white with chocolate frosting and chocolate with white frosting!).

8. The long-awaited American Girl Doll that our girls have all received from my mom on their sixth birthday. She told me tonight at bedtime that she's been waiting her whole life for that doll!


10. Tomorrow will be five weeks on Weight Watchers. Feeling great.

11. Football tomorrow night. Friends coming home with our kids to play for a bit before the game.

12. Then SATURDAY (I'm getting ahead of myself here) - and maybe, if we are REALLY blessed. . . Date night! Woo hoo! Missed my time with the Coach last Saturday.

Happy Thursday!

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Daisy Girl said...

Awwww... I love your list! Have a great weekend, friend!