Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No wonder I'm so tired. . .

The kids love dinner table conversation.  Especially the big kids.  Even the younger ones hang around so they don't miss any good stories or jokes.

Of course there are the manners to work on (no you CAN NOT eat while standing), the talking over one another (how many conversations can you listen to at once, Mom?) and the "what I want to say is way more important than what anyone else wants to say so I'll just say it louder" issues.  Never mind the gross bodily noises, reaching across the table for the water pitcher, and using clothing items as napkins.

But overall, good times.

One the kids VERY favorite things is when the Coach tells stories from his growing up years.  They think he had the most FUN, EXCITING childhood EVER.

Monday night someone said, "Why don't we have MOM tell a story about growing up?"  To which someone else piped in (before I had a chance to actually say anything), "No, Dad's stories are more exciting."


Thanks, guys.

Anyway, once of their favorite stories is about the Coach swinging a wooden musket around his head, warning his older brother not to come near him "because I won't stop swinging it no matter what".  Then he proceeded to knock his brother's teeth out.

The kids love that one.

In fact they told it FOR him, Monday night.

He's their hero.

After they all had a good laugh, Son #3 said, "Well, that's kind of like what YOU do (turning to Son #4), when you slam the boys' room door over and over and tell us if we come in, we'll get smashed."

Without missing a beat, Son #4 replied with his winning smile, "Just making childhood memories."


I think I need a nap.

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Corrie said...

LOL!! Love those boys!

I miss dinnertimes with your kiddos. I never could quite get used to the green ketchup... ;)