Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wisdom, Discernment, and various other needs. . .

Some nights I go to bed with absolutely no idea of how tomorrow will work.
And unless something miraculously changes overnight, this usually leads to getting up in the morning having no idea how the day will work.
(occasionally the answer comes to me in the night, but that is rare and I don't count on it.)

In spite of my efforts, sometimes the kids are even off to school with the Coach, STILL having no idea what we will do or how things will work.
It's life.
With eight kids.

I look at the calendar.
I look at the list.

I see some contradictions.

I look at them both, again.

And then, for the 10th, or 100th time, I offer it all up to the Lord.

God is the blessed controller of all things.  I trust Him.  "For I know the plans I have for you," becomes more than just a verse relating to the big issues of life.

Because it's about the small issues, too.

In the end, everything will work out.  Maybe not the way I would choose, or with the outcome I would like, but time will pass and decisions will be made (I get SO tired of making them!) and the day will come to a close and my heart will be thankful (sometimes by choice) for those "plans".

As moms, we need a great deal of wisdom - seeing things from God's perspective.  Looking at our day, our calendar, our list, with eternal eyes.  We can't do THAT on our own.

In all of those decisions that need to be made and carried out - discernment becomes my prayer.  I don't always know the best thing to do in any given choice.  OK.  I rarely know.  But I can come before the throne of my omniscient Savior and have access to HIS discernment.  Even in the small things.

Because MOST of life is dealing with the small things.

Schedules, rides, games, homework, paperwork, bills, laundry, meals, errands.

Today, I have the refreshed perspective of fires burning to the East of our fair city.  Fires that are close to the homes of many friends and my brother and his family.  A reminder that the small things are just that.  Small.  Not much will last for eternity.  Certainly not houses.

So with my heart full of petitions for the protection of those I love, I approach MY duties for the day.

Grateful for a God who loves, cares for, protects, gives direction, and offers His grace.

The small things still have to be done.  The schedule still worked out.  But hopefully I will tackle it all with a grateful heart and a desire to remember what really matters, today. 

Happy Thursday!

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