Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flawed Genes

It's bound to happen.

They are, after all, my offspring.  And the sin gets passed down right along with the brown eyes and big feet (mine, not the Coach's).

My kids are going to fail.  Make poor choices, do something they shouldn't.  I pray every day that in these life lessons, God will protect them.  But they are human, imperfect, learning (just like me!).

When they do?  How do I respond?

Do I remind them who they ARE and who is WATCHING and how embarrassing it is that MY kid would do THAT?

(I'll admit this is my first reaction, if I'm not careful.)

Do I tell them that having a good name is hugely important and that they inherited a VERY good name that they haven't even earned? 

(Which is certainly the truth.)

Do I threaten them with monstrous consequences (real or imagined) and tell them I am disappointed at so many levels?

(When I am, of course.)

Or do I say:

(along with their Heavenly Father)

"Nothing you can ever do will make me love you more.
And nothing you can ever do will make me love you less."

Not for being perfect.  Not for making straight A's.  Not for excelling in sports.  Not for having great friends.  Not because they do things that please me.  Not because they DO anything.

But because they are MINE.


The sin?  It breaks my heart.  But the love?  That's a choice.  Not based on performance, but on the never-ending, never-failing love of my Savior.

Tonight?  I'm choosing to love (right along side consequences of a natural and applied nature).

This is hard stuff.  Parenting isn't for sissies (although I sometimes am one).  It isn't the first time one of my kids has blown it.  It won't be the last (there are eight of them, after all).

~Thank you, Lord, that we can't see all that the future holds and that Your grace is sufficient and Your mercies are new every morning!

Help me to LOVE, even when they fail.  To reach out, even when it's hard.  To forgive. . . in Your strength.

Because as much I could ever love these precious children.

YOU love them more.~

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