Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1.  Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of when our courtship began.  Maybe this is why I love Fall so much - it reminds me every year of falling in love with the Coach.

2.  Full pantry, fridge, cabinets, and freezer.  I LOVE that my kids can be in our amazing school.  I do NOT love unloading and putting all of the groceries away by myself.  Ha!

3.  RAIN.  Lovely thunderstorm last night and this morning.  Cool, rainy weather is my favorite!  And we needed the rain so badly.

4.  A pedicure with my mom, yesterday.  The uninterrupted visit is more of a blessing than the pretty toes.  Which is a good thing, because as soon as I walked in the door, someone dropped their homework notebook ON my pretty toes.  (sigh)

5.  Volleyball season is winding down.  It's been fast, furious, and FUN.  A break before basketball season will be nice!

6.  Sale at Coldwater Creek today.  Not sure if I'll make it over there, but I'm going to try!

7.  Finding packages of lean ground beef with reduced prices at Sam's this morning.  Now I just have to make some things with it.  Will be SO nice to have in the freezer, though!

8.  The nap that Little Man and I are going to take, here in the next few minutes. It's cool, cloudy, and when I turn the phone off?  Quiet!  He and I are both SO tired!  And we need to rest up because tomorrow?  Football!

Happy Thursday!

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