Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Coach's Wife and a Momma, too

It's football season here at the Troop's.
(just encase you've been living under a rock)

Cool Friday night games - finally!  What a hot, miserable Summer, it's been.

Stinky practice clothes, rank football pads, and muddy cleats in my garage and laundry room.  Yuck.

VERY hungry teen-age boys.

VERY busy husband-coaches.

Football film running on the computer continually.

Plays scratched on clipboards all over the desk.

Lots more time with the TV on, depending on who is playing and who wants to watch.

Snacks and coloring books replenished and repacked on a regular basis in our "game bag".

The stadium seat staying IN the car (why take it out?).

Sitting in the bleachers as a "single mom" (while the "little" kids play their own game of football behind the stands) and laughing with my sweet school friends and sisters-in-law.  There may or not be some screaming, yelling, and jumping up and down involved, as well.

Borrowing money from my kids to get admission (for 8) into away games.

Early dinners, late bedtimes, and some loooooong drives in between.

And every now and then?

A VERY disappointed Coach and middle linebacker in residence.

Because our boys?  They got pounded last night.

To their credit, this team was WAY out of our league.

To their demise, they didn't play their best.

It happens.

The football pads can be sprayed with Lysol and set out on the deck to air out.  The stinky clothes can be washed.  The cleats can be scrubbed.  The hungry bellies can be fed.  The sore muscles and voices made hoarse by yelling can be rested and recovered.  Naps can make up for some of the lost sleep.

But sometimes the disappointment takes longer to get over.

Sure it's just a game.  It won't last (in fact, we'll do it all over again next week) and it won't matter for eternity.  No amount of "coulda, woulda, shoulda" will change the final score.

It's rough to get spanked by a bigger, badder team.  No fun at all.

But underneath it all?  The character it builds WILL last.  My boys will (I pray) grow up to be more patient, more disciplined, more determined.  And yes, more humble (losing will do that to you).  Like their amazing Coach/Dad.

So even though it's a bummer, I'm going to be grateful that God has given the men in my life ample character building opportunities this week.

Win or lose. . . they are #1 to me.

Hopefully, next week we can build a little less character and come away with a WIN.  Ha!

Happy Saturday!

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