Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and Other Stuff. . .

Seriously. Tired. WAY too tired for a Tuesday.  I'm pretty sure losing wears us all out.  Maybe character-building is over-rated.  (Don't tell anyone I said that.)


Where was I?

Oh!  The good news!  Dad's surgery went well, yesterday.  He had a cancerous place removed from his nose.  Things went smoothly.  When the kids saw it, the boys all said "Cool!" and the girls all said, "Eeeewwww!"  Success!  Thanks so much for all of the prayers.

The bad news?  OnCue raised it's prices on the 32 oz. fountain drinks from 49 cents to 79 cents. This is depressing and has pretty much ruined my week. (I jest.  My life will go on.  But I'm not happy about it.)

And the random?

Judging from the response to my painfully revealing post last Thursday, it seems that finding out someone else's faults makes us all feel better.

Glad I could help.

Thanks for the sweet comments, Facebook discussions, and for stopping me while out and about to tell me that you were encouraged.  You've blessed me!  I may have a multitude of weaknesses and faults, but I have the BEST friends.

In the meantime, while I admitted my love for magazines, reading in general is one of my greatest pleasures.  Magazines, books, articles, I even love the newspaper (even if we canceled our subscription long ago).

I'm currently reading Bonhoeffer.  Incredible.  The current issue of World magazine.  October's Traditional Home.  So pretty.  This morning I read this article on homeschooling.  Which reminded me of this book, which I highly recommend.  Reading things like that (the parenting, not the decorating) always challenges me.  What is my priority with my kids?  And why do I sometimes feel like feeding and clothing them is more than I can handle?  Much less training them up in righteousness - with grace - preparing them for the world - trusting the Lord to reach their hearts - loving them unconditionally - giving them opportunities to fail - instilling in them a Christian world view.


Sure am glad that my kids have such a wonderful dad.  Ha!

In the meantime, Little Man wants to watch Garfield on Netflix with me (wonder what world view THAT is teaching?).  I think a second cup of coffee is calling.  Along with some much-needed laundry folding.

What are YOU reading/watching/folding today?

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing so well!
I will have to keep these books in mind, thanks for suggesting good things to read. School, visit with my mom and window washing today, removing a few screens, shaking out curtains, loving the cooler temperatures!